HYPOCRISY: Univision News President Retweets Homophobic Image

March 8th, 2021 10:17 AM

The president of Univision News, the network most responsible for ramming a woke agenda down the throats of Hispanic Americans, recently ran afoul of that woke agenda- by retweeting an image that would get anyone else accused of homophobia.

Late last week, Daniel Coronell woke up to news of the decision by Colombia’s Attorney General to request that the prosecution of former president Alvaro Uribe on several charges not be allowed to continue. This unleashed a furious tweetstorm from Coronell, which included a retweet of “Chaman Macías” post, which includes an image of Uribe and the Attorney General that would, by today’s rules, most charitably be characterized as homphobic:

The image plainly speaks for itself. It is clear that the opinion of the president of Univision News that the Attorney General of Colombia is submissive (perhaps even sexually so) to former president Alvaro Uribe. 

It is also clear that this is an enormous act of hypocrisy given that Univision News, under Coronell's watch, has taken it upon itself to wage culture war upon the population they claim to serve and champion. Whether on abortion, euthanasia, or the imposition of the non-binary non-word "Latinx", Univision can be counted on to try to shove their audience to the left. Univision covers these issues, along with immigration, in a manner that seeks to impose its own moral code. It can therefore be asked whether Coronell's retweet is consistent with the network's moral code.

That decision is the province of Univision CEO Wade Davis. But imagine, for a moment, the outrage if a president of Fox News were to retweet a similar image of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. There would be calls for cancellation, a sponsor blitz, and round-the-clock protests outside of Fox Studios in New York and Washington, D.C.

Whether Coronell faces similar outrage and accountability remains to be seen.

Toyota, Jeep, and Verizon are frequent sponsors of Univision News programming. Be sure to let them know what you think of this.