Univision Promotes ‘Make America Mexico Again’

May 22nd, 2016 8:45 AM

Univision’s May 19, 2016 edition of its late-night national news show Edición Nocturna featured a completely favorable story about drug legalization activist Jerónimo Saldaña, the creator and vendor of baseball caps that are stamped with the slogan “Make America Mexico Again.”

Saldaña says he was inspired to start making and selling the hats after first seeing one on the Latino Rebels Facebook page and because, as he puts it, he just flat-out doesn’t like Trump. Surprising nobody, in its report Univision included no critical or opposing views against the hat.

Not only did Univision give Saldaña their platform to promote the hat, they also showed their viewers how to go about purchasing one. They touted that Saldaña has already generated $14,000 off selling the hats and, following the free promotion on Univision, more sales are likely underway.

JERÓNIMO SALDAÑA, ANTI-TRUMP HAT SALESMAN: I saw a photo of the hat on the website Latino Rebels, and I thought it was really funny, and I wanted a hat because I don’t like Trump.

REPORTER: Meanwhile, Jerónimo says he has been insulted for this initiative.

JERÓNIMO SALDAÑA, ANTI-TRUMP HAT SALESMAN: They have told me that I am racist against white people, that I’m crazy, they tell me I'm a traitor to the United States. Messages really ugly, really racist.

JERÓNIMO SALDAÑA, HAT SALESMAN: For me, I imagine him (Trump) seeing this hat and getting furious, mad about this message.

Saldaña literally says his goal is to make Trump (and by extension, Trump’s supporters) mad. He’s clearly just being a troll and looking for attention. Which is perfectly fine with Univision, because any time they get a chance to one-sidedly bash Trump or Republicans generally during election season, they’ll gladly broadcast it on national television.

I wonder how this guy would feel if someone went to Mexico and started selling hats that said ‘Make Mexico More American.'

Safe to say he probably wouldn’t like it very much, might even use the word ‘racist.’ Actually, I can almost guarantee you he’ll use the word racist. Take that to the bank.