Leftist Media Pushes Islamic Fashion

May 19th, 2016 1:06 PM

Our friends at Fusion want your young teens to stop by the Fashion Square Mall and pick up the latest in Hijab wear. It goes fabulous with the leopard skin Fendi handbag, I’m told.

Fusion, the hyper-left sister network of Univision, continues their attempt to make Islam cool by presenting us with their latest piece titled ‘America’s first Muslim clothing store says Islamic fashion isn’t just for Muslims.

The author of the article, Alaa Basatneh, so far has written 16 articles for Fusion – every single one of them either directly or indirectly pushing an Islam-centered public relations agenda. It almost feels like she was hired on by Fusion to get the millennial audience to embrace her faith.  

Based on every piece she writes, you would think Islam is solely associated with peace and love. Among her other recent articles is one titled ‘Why women in this Arab country say they can no longer afford the ride to school’ where she highlighted a twitter campaign aimed at getting the government to pay for drivers to drive women around who could not afford it.

Basatneh makes no reference to how strange it is in the first place that women are not allowed to drive, nor does she even mention the fact they are not allowed to drive because of the teachings of a strict brand of Sunni Islam. The words ‘Muslim’ and ‘Islam’ are not even used in the article.

Shameless propaganda.

Fusion’s resident public relations practitioner for Islam has also written about white male privilege in contrast to Muslim women (no surprise there) and sharply criticized Ted Cruz for wanting to patrol Muslim neighborhoods (his response to the Brussels attacks).

She obviously has an agenda Fusion is allowing her to push, and her latest article about Hijabs being for everyone could not be more embarrassingly forced.

Basatneh writes “We have this stereotype that hijabis [women who wear the hijab] are oppressed, that they’re forced to wear it, and they’re uneducated.”

Actually, wives of devout Muslim men are never allowed not to wear it in public.

When will Basatneh raise and address all the tough, critical questions about Islam, including acknowledging emerging reform and dissident views within Islam itself?

As one reform Muslim woman leader wrote earlier this year in the New York Times “Today, well-intentioned women are wearing headscarves in interfaith “solidarity.” But, to us, they stand on the wrong side of a lethal war of ideas that sexually objectifies women as vessels for honor and temptation, absolving men of personal responsibility. This purity culture covers, segregates, subordinates, silences, jails and kills women and girls around the world.” 

But of course, never underestimate the power of America’s culturally illiterate teen population to accept all-things cool. Think murderous revolutionary Che Guevara shirts.

Then again, don’t be surprised if your wife suddenly shows up from the mall with the latest Islamic wear. Just don’t answer the question: Does this make me look fat?