Anti-Trump Mexican Students’ Plea Featured on Fusion

May 18th, 2016 2:35 PM

Though it certainly wasn’t their intention, a segment on Fusion’s America with Jorge Ramos featuring Mexican college students pleading with U.S. voters to reject Trump may actually end up helping the presumptive Republican nominee for President.

The segment, coyly titled “Mexican College Students Ask American Voters to Think Twice Before Going to the Polls” starts out innocently enough – praising the example of American democracy and urging people to go out and vote – but then takes a hard left, anti-Trump turn.

“To the American people, you have long been the world’s beacon of light regarding democracy and equality. The people of the United States built the greatest election system in any democracy in the world. There is a reason why you have been the democratic model for so many countries, including mine (Mexico),” the students start out.

Ok, pretty light and friendly so far, nothing suggesting bias or pushing Americans to vote one way or another. Well done Fusion, seems like a straightforward attempt at encouraging young people on this side of the border to go out and vote.

But then another student begins to signal: “As a neighbor and a friend of the American people, I urge you to think twice before going to the polls.”

Here it comes, what are they going to urge us on? I wonder if they’ll warn us about the dangers of voting for Hillary.

“Because you have the power to take a step forward to a better, more human world. A more progressive, and peaceful, global society. Or take a huge step backwards.” Oh God, here it comes…

STUDENTS: “I hope, when you go to the voting booths, Mr. Trump’s message against Mexicans, Muslims, and other minorities, don’t affect your judgment.”

There it is, that’s the agenda-driven Fusion we’ve come to expect.  

Then the students drive it home: “The Hispanic community is counting on you. The Muslim community is counting on you. Minorities from around the world are counting on you.” “As the example-setters you are, do not disappoint the entire world. The world is watching and counting on you.”  

In the world according to Fusion, Mexico’s college students have spoken, and it’s crystal clear what they want voters in the neighboring country to the North to do at the ballot box on Nov. 8. The piece ends by showing the faces of all the students who spoke staring into the camera as a sort of last impassioned plea.   

By the way, the segment was immediately followed up with another one about people who aren’t going to vote and were given a platform to justify their decision. Not kidding.