Trump ‘Illness’ Killed the Republican Party, Says Fusion News Director

May 4th, 2016 3:43 PM

An opinion piece labeled as ‘news’ written by none other than Fusion’s News Director, Kevin Roose, has pronounced the Republican Party dead.  

Betraying his own glaring partisan/ideological prejudices, Roose ascribes the “terminal decline” of the GOP to the “2009 formation of the Tea Party” before going on to attack Donald Trump as “the illness that led to the Party’s demise.”

The problem with Roose’s fanciful take on the state of the GOP, which is dripping with venom against not only Trump, but also several of the rest of the 2016 Republican presidential contenders, is that the facts tell a different story.

The rise of the Tea Party led to the Republicans’ 2010 recapture of a House majority. At present, the national GOP has actually never controlled so many elected seats at both the federal and state elected level, including a historic House majority of the likes unseen for nearly a century, in addition to the 2014 re-capture of the majority in the United States Senate.

Roose also ignores the fact that it was the GOP that fielded an unprecedentedly diverse slate of 2016 presidential candidates, one that was strikingly representative of the country as a whole.

The fact of the matter is that for years now, the Republican Party has been quietly building an impressive bench of leadership at the state and local levels, drawn from every major U.S. ethnic and racial origin. But of course, Fusion takes the myopic view that a party's fortunes rise and fall based entirely on one particular presidential candidate, one in this case whom they evidently consider anathema.

And why isn’t Fusion willing to say the same something similar about the Democratic Party of 2016? A Party that has shifted so far to the left that it has practically transformed itself (transgendered?) into a Socialist-Lite Party, and in point of fact is in the process of reneging its iconic Jefferson-Jackson figures?

The Democratic Party’s current voters are so disaffected that polling indicates 1 in 4 Sanders supporters won’t be showing up in November for Hillary. But Fusion ignores all this, as it would rather keep playing up the narrative that all is fine and dandy on the left.

America's party system bends, but it rarely breaks. And this year will probably be no different... Sorry Fusion.

p.s. While we’re on the subject of death, let’s not forget that Fusion itself appears to be on its last legs. Their initial investors at Disney recently dropped them, and they’ve been burning through money at an unsustainable pace. On their current course, it’s only a matter of time, and they know it.