Liberals Use Their Children to Harass Trump Supporters with Vulgarities

May 2nd, 2016 5:24 PM

Behold the latest crop of children of "enlightened" Democrat activists. Fresh footage of some anti-Trump protesters has surfaced which show a group of African-American and Latino youth hurling a myriad of obscenities and bigoted epithets.

Shame on the parents for allowing these kids to spew profanities and vulgar gestures towards Trump supporters. The video features several of the youngsters holding signs that say, among other things “Brown Pride, No Hate” and “F*** Donald Trump.”

One of the kids can be seen wearing a sombrero, while his companion yells out profanities in both English and Spanish. Is this the image so-called dreamers want to be portraying?  

By the way, the foul-mouthed kid sporting a Bernie sticker is shouting the word "puto" - a term now deemed homophobic. There is an entire campaign in Mexican soccer to try to stop its use.

But of course, if it’s used by the left - it’s acceptable. Hypocrites.

Warning: video contains graphic language.