According to Univision, Being Pro-Border Security Makes You Anti-Immigrant

April 29th, 2016 1:17 PM

Reporting on the protests that occurred outside Donald Trump's most recent rally in Southern California, Univision anchor Enrique Acevedo decided to throw in an easy cheap-shot at the Republican Party’s leading candidate for President.

Acevedo actually did report on the anti-Trump protestors causing chaos – smashing windows, vandalizing police vehicles, getting arrested and throwing rocks at officers – but then, seemingly, tried to justify the actions of those protestors by accusing Trump of “insisting on his anti-immigrant rhetoric” during the speech he gave to his supporters at the rally.

When did being in favor of straight up border security suddenly become anti-immigrant? Even César Chavez, the original Golden Boy of the Latino left, believed in a strong border.

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, ANCHOR, UNIVISION: The protestors blocked streets, damaged at least one police vehicle, and threw rocks at the officers. There were some 20 arrests during the event. The Republican presidential frontrunner insisted on his anti-immigrant rhetoric.

DONALD TRUMP: But we will build a wall; Mexico is going to pay for the wall. We’re going to stop drugs from coming in, the drugs are poisoning our youth and a lot of other people and we’re going to get it stopped.

How many times do we have to call out the media on this? The mere establishment of a wall along the border cannot rationally be presented and characterized as ipso facto anti-immigrant. Univision appears to care more about inciting viewers and getting ratings than they do about being honest.

The network also, conveniently, failed to mention comments Trump made at the beginning of the same rally – literally one of the first things he said: “I want to thank that group, see what it says? Latinos for Trump, I love that. Thank you, thank you. I love that sign. It’s true, too.”

Here’s another twist. Pay attention carefully at the footage Univision aired of the riot and you’ll notice a sign being held aloft that says “Dump the Trump – Fight White Supremacy! PSLWEB.ORG”.

That sign, along with the people holding it, are from The Party for Socialism and Liberation - a group that pretty much hates everything America was built on, and capitalism specifically. That should also give you a pretty good idea of the leading shady characters and anti-American forces involved in the mayhem.