Comedian George Lopez Endorses Sanders, But Doesn’t Want to Pay More Taxes

April 12th, 2016 12:28 PM

In a recent radio interview for BigBoyTV, comedian George Lopez let us all know that he’s endorsing Senator Bernie Sanders, while paradoxically, making it known he doesn’t want to pay any more taxes.

At the same time, Lopez also unleashed a vulgar tirade of hate speech against Donald Trump (it scores him cheap political points with a sizeable chunk of his liberal fan base).

It is clear the comedian has not been paying attention to Sanders’ angry speeches in which he rails against successful people just like Lopez.  If elected, not only will Lopez’s taxes go up, but they’ll skyrocket at a rate higher than in comparison to any other person running for President.

Lopez, you can’t have it both ways. Ideas and elections have consequences.

I’m reminded of other ways we can’t have our cake and eat it, too:

I want to get in better shape, but I don’t want to exercise.

I want to support the abstract notion of equality, but I care more about freedom and my ability to profit from my skills, talents and hard work.

In the end, we can all count on the certainty of death and taxes. But high taxes will give us all a heart attack, and kill the American Dream.

Below are excerpts from the April 6, 2016 radio interview from BigBoyTV:

GEORGE LOPEZ: I have a Donald Trump line, I say, he calls Mexicans criminals and rapists, I said, so next time I see him I’m going to f*** him and rob him.

BIG BOY, RADIO HOST: Hey man, when Trump first announced that he was running…

GEORGE LOPEZ: I couldn’t believe it, I couldn’t believe it.

BIG BOY, RADIO HOST: Let me ask you this, what do you think Make America Great Again means?

GEORGE LOPEZ: I think it means make America white again. I think it means let’s separate the people, let’s have it, you know, let’s have it the way we used to have it.

BIG BOY, RADIO HOST: Make it great again? That is scary man.

GEORGE LOPEZ: It is great, this country is great.

BIG BOY, RADIO HOST: How do you really feel about Trump?

GEORGE LOPEZ: I hate him.

BIG BOY, RADIO HOST: Where do you go now? Have you endorsed anyone?

GEORGE LOPEZ: I endorsed Bernie Sanders. But really just to… I mean it’s cool. I can’t pay any more taxes, it’s ridiculous. But, so, we’ll figure it out. I really just did it to get the awareness out and have people vote.