Fusion Network’s New Love Affair with the Trans Agenda

March 28th, 2016 4:00 PM

A time-tested, common-sense civic and cultural norm is currently under direct assault. Specifically, the inherent right to gender privacy, that fittingly separates men and women when it comes to access to public restrooms, has become the latest battlefield of the left.

Not surprisingly, Fusion, the hyper-left sister network of Univision, has gone off the deep end in support of this latest manifestation of the LGBTQRSTUVXYZ (so many letters it’s impossible to keep up so we might as well just list them all) agenda that it’s become a borderline obsession.

In recent days, Fusion has given favorable attention to subjects including but not limited to: a queer-friendly sex-ed guide, a celebration of a trans woman resisting police, San Francisco banning city employees from going to North Carolina and an article about a supermarket’s gender-neutral restrooms.

Most prominently though, has been Fusion’s constant push for acceptance of Trans people being able to decide what restroom they want to use.

Those who are trying to stand in the way of this latest offensive point out there is much at stake in the outcome of this battle. Not only is the right to privacy and decency for women and girls being threatened, but also a basic right to feel ostensibly safe in public areas, since the potential for more sexual assaults and sexual harassment would no doubt increase.

Americans don’t need studies to surmise the obvious; it is common knowledge that would-be offenders select victims who are vulnerable and accessible - and women and girls are by far the vast majority of victims. Moreover, studies show that 98% of perpetrators of sexual assault are men.

Still, those advocating to get rid of long-standing conventions regarding access to public bathrooms predictably revert to their default position, arguing that those opposed to giving transgender individuals access to the restroom of their chosen gender are hateful fear mongers. Besides, they say, there is no such evidence of sexual assaults and harassment.

But this is not true.

Reports of men claiming to be transgendered in order to prey on women, men dressing as women in an attempt to capture voyeur photographs in the locker room, and many past assault victims are speaking out against these social experiments gone wacko.

Nevertheless, blurred lines between men and women are entering a new phase in our anything-goes society. Consider the case of the 52-year-old man who identifies as a 6 year old girl; and a woman who identifies as cat.

Where is such madness taking us, and where do we draw the line? For even more convoluted complexity you only need to take a look at nonbinary.org. Genders there include “faegender”, which is "When an individual’s gender changes with the seasons, equinoxes, and moon phases." As well as “kronosgender” described as “where you are a different gender at certain times of the day” and of course, “condigender”, where you basically only feel like a boy or girl under specific circumstances.

On second thought, maybe you better just hold it next time you need to use a public restroom.