HuffPo to Launch its Own ‘Fake News’ Comedy Show

February 19th, 2015 10:25 AM

Don’t worry liberals! Jon Stewart may be going, but a new “fake news” program is stepping in to tell you what to think, courtesy of the far-left Huffington Post. 

Starting March 27, a weekly, hour-long Friday night series will feature a Daily Show-esque mix of satirical news and entertainment. The show will be featured on the live streaming video website, HuffPostLive and on the main homepage, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

President and co-founder of HuffPostLive Roy Sekoff told Hollywood Reporter: “Huffington Post has always had a dual mission: to entertain and inform." The tone will be satirical, he said. "Humor can't say everything, but it can say some things better." 

If it's anything like HuffPo's usual content, there’ll be no shortage of humor. HuffPo’s stories and opinions run the gamut from ridiculously liberal to bizarrely leftist, and could give The Onion a run for its money. 

Sekoff and frequent host Marc Lamont-Hill will be hosting the new satirical news show, which Sekoff hopes will be as popular as other comedy news shows. "We'd like to join the party," he told THR. 

Considering HuffPost Live’s already uber-liberal guests that include political pundits and celebrities, it certainly has a good chance of keeping in the Daily Show tradition of bashing conservatives and Christians for “humor.”