Allison Williams Blocks Press from Asking About Her Father’s Iraq Lies

February 18th, 2015 3:16 PM

HBO’s Allison Williams, who recently engaged in a sexually provocative scene on the show Girls, seems to be too embarrassed to talk about her father Brian Williams’ repeated lies surrounding his reporting in Iraq.

According to the New York Observer, Williams was scheduled to attend an event in New York celebrating the launch of an eyewear line but a publicist for the event told the press that they “request no questions about her personal life be asked.”

From The New York Observer:

Allison Williams is being touted as one of the bold-faced names at an event to celebrate the launch of an eyewear line at Michael Kors’ Soho store tomorrow night. But don’t even think about using the opportunity to ask the live-action Peter Pan/Girls star about her father, NBC News anchor Brian Williams, who was suspended from the network last week after it came out that he had conflated fact and fiction.

A publicist for the event helpfully sent over a list of topics the star will talk about (“Michael Kors, fashion and Girls“) and topics she won’t (“her personal life”).

Please note that Allison Williams will only be answering questions pertaining to Michael Kors, fashion and Girls. We request that no questions about her personal life be asked,” the email blast said, preemptively informing reporters who hadn’t RSVPd what they can ask on a red carpet they hadn’t agreed to cover.

HT: Mediaite