Matt Walsh WRECKS ‘Core Component’ of Left’s ‘Evolving Censorship Apparatus’

November 9th, 2023 1:25 PM

The Daily Wire host Matt Walsh tore into the anti-free speech firm NewsGuard after one of its employees reached out to him about so-called “misinformation.”

Walsh wrote in a Nov. 8 post that an employee of NewsGuard, a website ratings firm with a demonstrable bias against conservatives, had reached out to him. Walsh wrote, “Some hack with a ‘fact checking’ organization called NewsGuard emailed a lengthy list of questions after monitoring my podcast for ‘misinformation.’” During the Nov. 8 edition of The Matt Walsh Show, Walsh laid into NewsGuard as well, describing NewsGuard as “a core component of the left’s evolving censorship apparatus.” 

Walsh described NewsGuard as, “a powerful and influential organization, one that you are funding with your tax dollars. They recently received a massive grant from Biden’s Department of Defense for nearly $750,000. As Michael Shellenberger testified before Congress earlier this year, ‘Both The Global Disinformation Index and NewsGuard are U.S. government-funded entities who are working to drive advertisers’ revenue away from disfavored publications and towards the ones they favor.’”

The Daily Wire host went on to tear into NewsGuard for working with former CIA and NSA Director Michael Hayden, pointing out his hatred of Trump supporters and radical history, including when he “suggested that Senator Tuberville should be killed.”  Walsh added: “None of that bothers NewsGuard because Hayden didn’t make fun of Michelle Obama, or anyone on the left. And NewsGuard’s only job is to censor the political enemies of the Democratic Party. That is why the Democratic Party is funding them.” 

Walsh also spoke about the connection between NewsGuard and a number of large pharmaceutical companies. Walsh said that, “The government and Big Pharma have a very close ally in NewsGuard, and now coincidentally enough, NewsGuard is going after conservatives who question the wisdom of giving the COVID shot to your six-month-old child. And NewsGuard lieutenants like Jack Brewster are active on twitter, haranguing Elon Musk for daring to suggest that [former NIAID Director Dr.] Tony Fauci might have funded gain-of-function research that made COVID deadlier. So, they get funded by organizations and by interests, and then they go out and they … enforce the interests of those organizations. That’s the way it works.”

Walsh noted that NewsGuard has targeted a number of organizations, including Breitbart, Revolver News, The Federalist, Fox News, Redstate, Life News, PragerU and The Daily Wire in “transparently partisan” fashion. 

Indeed, it has. A 2021 study by MRC Free Speech America Associate Editor Joseph Vazquez found that “Liberal outlets were rated 27 points higher on average than news organizations on the right,” by NewsGuard. A follow up study published in January of 2023 found a 25 point gap.

Walsh said that the Biden administration, anticipating the loss of its ability to pressure social media companies following Missouri vs. Biden, is “outsourcing its censorship apparatus to cutouts like NewsGuard.” Walsh went on to say that NewsGuard exists “to suppress opinions that the ruling class disapproves of. They are the government’s way of getting around the First Amendment by enlisting third parties to carry out their censorship campaign. So we are not looking at some corrupt, rogue left-wing blog, NewsGuard is a core component of the left’s evolving censorship apparatus. And already, it’s powerful, it’s ratings have an effect on what you can see online. They help to determine what you can see, what you can access. Microsoft, the defense department, the World Health Organization, the State Department, all have affiliations with NewsGuard.”

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