WHAT? OpenAI CEO Pushes for ‘Global Cooperation’ with Communist China on AI

June 13th, 2023 9:24 AM

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is seeking new partners for “knowledge sharing” on artificial intelligence, which apparently includes a major geopolitical adversary of the United States. 

Altman, who also oversees the infamous ChatGPT AI chatbot, addressed the Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence on June 10, suggesting that the safe development of artificial intelligence required “transparency and knowledge-sharing” and ultimately made clear that this would include the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

According to Bloomberg News’ summarization, Altman’s position is that “China should play a key role in shaping the artificial intelligence guardrails needed to ensure the safety of transformative new systems.” According to Altman, “‘the stakes for global cooperation have never been higher.’” Yikes.

The timing of Altman’s remarks is pretty awful, considering that the CCP recently drafted regulations taking control of artificial intelligence technology in China and saying that AI must “reflect the socialist core values” of its authoritative regime. 



Altman euphemistically acknowledged that “from time to time, great powers may have their share of differences,” which is ridiculous in light of China’s censorious surveillance state and blatant push to turn AI into a political weapon for socialism. Altman dubiously added this praise,“China has some of the best AI talent in the world and fundamentally, given the difficulties in solving alignment for advanced AI systems, this requires the best minds from around the world,” and fawned how “every time I have visited China, I have been amazed and energized by the technical talent I’ve met.” 

Why should American engineers cooperate with engineers from a country that heavily censors the internet and has proposed regulations to force AI to align with “socialist core values'' and the CCP? Has Altman considered that a nation responsible for forcing Uyghurs into “reeducation” camps, among other atrocities, might have a warped conception of human dignity? 

Altman — perhaps unintentionally — makes his case by presenting what amounted to a terrifying picture of the possible pitfalls of artificial intelligence. He said, “Imagine a world in the next decade, where artificial general intelligence systems, commonly called AGI, surpass human expertise in nearly every domain, these systems could eventually exceed the collective productivity of our largest companies,” Altman states before warning his audience, “But we must manage the risk together in order to get there.” 

Altman — who once said “Development of superhuman machine intelligence [SMI] is probably the greatest threat to the continued existence of humanity” — discussed how artificial intelligence could wreak havoc in health-care and agriculture, before warning about how difficult it would be to control AGI.

The OpenAI CEO said: “As we move closer to AGI, the potential implications and magnitude of any misalignment will grow exponentially” before adding that they would seek to “Minimize the risks of catastrophic outcomes in the future.” Hard to make this argument while simultaneously pushing for AI cooperation with the murderous CCP.

Altman hypothesized that it would be extremely difficult for human supervisors to monitor artificial intelligence, before absurdly suggesting that artificial intelligence would be a good choice to monitor artificial intelligence. Talk about an oxymoron. That’s like saying Skynet is a good option to police Skynet. 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact OpenAI and demand that Altman stop promoting communist China as a collaborator for AI technology development.