WATCH: Nadler Miserably Attempts to Run Cover for FBI’s Big Tech Collusion

July 13th, 2023 12:47 PM

On Wednesday, The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing to hold the FBI and the Department of Justice accountable. The committee grilled FBI Director Christopher Wray on federal law enforcement’s involvement in silencing Americans.

However, Ranking Member Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called claims that the FBI is “censoring conservatives” untrue.



“The Republicans will make false claims about the FBI’s Foreign Influence Task Force, claiming that it is somehow censoring conservatives,” Nadler alleged. 

On top of defending the FBI, Nadler went on to outright praise the task force for its collusion with Big Tech to censor accounts. Nadler peddled his own conspiracy theory in his praise, saying, “the Task Force plays a key role in making sure that Russia, China, Iran and other foreign entities cannot again interfere in our election.”

“According to committee Republicans, the Task Force’s efforts to track and prevent foreign influence operations amount to attacks on conservative speech,” Nadler claimed.

He then baselessly alleged that this concern is a “nonsensical claim, considering that the Foreign Influence Task Force has nothing to do with censoring American free speech, and in fact, helps to ensure that American voices are heard by stopping Russian troll farms.”

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