Kari Lake Obliterates Google for Manipulating Elections

September 7th, 2023 12:17 PM

Google's extensive efforts to help the radical left will destroy the country, former Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake warned.

In testimony before the Arizona House of Representatives, Lake detailed what she views as the serious problem with Google’s cheerleading for the Democratic Party’s political campaigns. "Google’s censorship and manipulation of search results manipulate the outcome of elections," she said, citing Dr. Robert Epstein's research on the tech giant. "Google has a much bigger ability to decide who is running our country, running our states, running our cities than we the people do.”

As a vocal supporter of free speech, Lake went on to slam Big Tech for blindly censoring conservatives in the Grand Canyon State amidst the 2022 gubernatorial race. “Big Tech doesn’t have the interest of the American people at heart… They’re trying to destroy America through censorship,” Lake said.

Lake’s testimony came as the state House panel considers legislation that would block elected officials from coercing Big Tech platforms to censor online speech. During her speech, Lake highlighted damning evidence reportedly showing current Arizona governor Katie Hobbs asking Big Tech platforms to muzzle her critics.

“During the midterm election, then-Secretary of State Katie Hobbs and current Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richard collaborated with Big Tech… to censor the people of Arizona, myself included,” Lake continued, referring to a bombshell report that exposed an apparent collusion between Hobbs and social media platforms. In August, the Arizona Capitol Oversight, a non-profit organization, released damning emails showing Hobbs reportedly abusing government resources to censor her opponents.

Other witnesses echoed Lake’s concerns. James Kerwin, an attorney for the Mountain States Legal Foundation, questioned the constitutionality of elected officials’s authority to pressure social media platforms. “Whatever the surrounding circumstances of this communication, it suggests a very troubling intention on the part of a governmental official to stamp out speech that was disagreed with,” Kerwin said, as reported by the Arizona Capitol Times

Later in the hearing, Lake passionately pleaded for accountability. “That’s not how our country was set up,” Lake concluded in her passionate testimony. “You have the ability to do something.” Committee Chairman Rep. Alexander Kolodin agreed, hinting at imminent action. “It is not okay for the government to censor speech simply because it acts through the private sector,” Kolodin said.

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