Leftist Group Loses Its Mind After Elon Musk’s Lawsuit

August 1st, 2023 4:45 PM

An anti-free speech group had a meltdown after Elon Musk took legal action against the group’s research targeting X, formerly known as Twitter.

Imran Ahmed, the CEO of the infamous Center for Countering Digital Hate, and its Democrat allies have hysterically responded to a legal threat from Musk, the owner of X. Ahmed lamented that Musk is pushing back against the CCDH’s efforts to destroy the platform after Musk pledged to stand up for free speech. Disgraced Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) chimed in, whining that mass censorship is no longer reining on Twitter.

In a fiery letter, Musk’s attorneys issued an ultimatum to the CCDH, slamming the far-left organization’s research against the X platform. Musk argued that the CCDH is falsely accusing X of allowing so-called hate speech on its platform. The letter, as reported by The New York Times, called the research “false, misleading or both.” Similarly, in a blog post dated July 31, X blasted the CCDH for “actively working to”: “assert false and misleading claims encouraging advertisers to pause investment,” “prevent public dialogue” and “prevent free expression” by targeting individuals it doesn’t agree with. 

Ahmed wrote an opinion article for MSNBC, whining that Musk is bullying him.“[Musk] is trying to silence the independent researchers at CCDH who are shining a light on the situation,” Ahmed further bellyached, referring to his group’s dubious research that hate speech is on the rise on X. “Musk and his legal team have engaged in an aggressive campaign to intimidate, bully and silence CCDH.”

In a brazen bout of hypocrisy, Ahmed further accused Musk of censoring CCDH, the exact sort of punishment CCDH seeks when accusing those it disagrees with of having spread so-called hate speech. Specifically, Ahmed claimed, “X’s legal threat is a brazen attempt to silence honest criticism and independent research, perhaps in a desperate hope that it can stem the tide of negative stories and rebuild the company's relationship with advertisers.”

Adam Schiff — yes, the lawmaker who faced an embarrassing censure measure by the House of Representatives over his constant touting of the Russian collusion hoax — took to Twitter and echoed Ahmed’s remarks in a July 31 tweet. “@CCDHate’s work exposes the hate and disinformation proliferating on Twitter,” the Democratic Party lawmaker from California claimed. “Notwithstanding his claims to support free speech, @ElonMusk is trying to stop their efforts.” Schiff also called on Musk to go “after the increasingly disturbing content on his platform.”

Just what has CCDH done in the past? In 2022, CCDH classified the Media Research Center, among others, as one of the “Toxic Ten” of alleged climate “misinformation.” In two separate blogs, MRC Free Speech America reported that the CCDH sought to influence Google to suppress pages that go against the government-approved narrative on climate change alarmism. But that’s not all, in June 2022, CCDH even pushed to have Google censor pro-life organizations.

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