CRY MORE: NBC Whines Biden ‘Has No Firm Plan’ to Fight ‘Domestic Disinformation’ Before Election

June 21st, 2024 6:42 AM

NBC News is having a nervous breakdown over the Biden administration not doing enough to fight so-called “domestic disinformation” before the 2024 election.

“The Biden admin has no firm plan to call out domestic disinformation in the 2024 election,” NBC News whined in its June 19 headline. The outlet whined that the reason for this hesitation is due to Americans being fed up after dealing with the FBI and Department of Homeland Security being exposed for extensively coordinating censorship strategies with Big Tech companies at least since the 2020 election cycle. 

“Although cyber experts in and outside of government expect an onslaught of disinformation and deepfakes during this year’s election campaign, officials in the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security remain worried that if they weigh in, they will face accusations that they are attempting to tilt the election in favor of President Joe Biden’s re-election,” NBC News wrote. How terrible that Biden’s Ministry of Truth got the heebie-jeebies about being potentially called out for interfering in another election, right NBC?

The outlet even tried to make the issue of the government not policing speech a bipartisan problem. “Lawmakers from both parties have urged the Biden administration to take a more assertive stance,” the outlet cried. The article even highlighted the dystopian comments of Sen. Angus King (I-ME) to make its point: “‘I’m worried that you may be overly concerned with appearing partisan and that that will freeze you in terms of taking the actions that are necessary,’” King reportedly told federal officials during a recent hearing. 

But it gets worse. NBC News also attempted to shield federal officials from the evidence revealing them to have policed domestic speech in the past. “A senior U.S. official familiar with government deliberations said federal law enforcement agencies, particularly the FBI, are reluctant to call out disinformation with a domestic origin.”  

NBC continued: “The FBI will investigate possible election law violations, the official said, but does not feel equipped to make public statements about disinformation or deepfakes generated by Americans. ‘The FBI is not in the truth detection business,’ the official said.” NBC just chose to let that blatantly false statement slide with no pushback.

Louisiana Chief District Court Judge Terry A. Doughty in a 2023 ruling in the ongoing Murthy v. Missouri litigation — when it was still known as Missouri v. Biden — that “‘Domestic disinformation’ was also flagged by the FBI for social-media platforms. Just before the 2020 election, information would be passed from other field offices to the FBI 2020 election command post in San Francisco.” As Doughty summarized, “The information sent would then be relayed to the social media platforms where the accounts were detected. The FBI made no attempt to distinguish whether those reports of election disinformation were American or foreign.” Did NBC News just pretend the wording in this ruling didn’t exist? The outlet instead just absurdly treated the ruling as an unwarranted hindrance to federal communications with tech companies.

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