Globalist Meta Oversight Board Absurdly Lists ‘Gender’ Among ‘Seven Strategic Priorities’

October 21st, 2022 10:04 AM

The Meta-funded, yet allegedly “independent,” Oversight Board reared its woke, globalist head again with its list of pretentious goals and “priorities” moving forward. 

Meta’s Oversight Board identified “seven strategic priorities where we want to work with stakeholders to reshape Meta’s approach to content moderation.” The board noted that Meta either censored too much or too little in each of the listed categories. In true woke fashion, “gender” was one of the areas the board prioritized for future changes in Meta’s content policy. The board also addressed election-related censorship specifically in non-American countries and urged Meta to be more transparent when censoring users so as to avoid giving the “perception” of unequal treatment.

The board lumped “women” and “trans people” into one group, suggesting that both of those groups face “obstacles” to “freedom” on social media. “Women, non-binary, and trans people experience obstacles to exercising their rights to freedom of expression on social media,” the Oversight Board wrote. But in lumping the three groups together, the board seems to have forgotten that the interests of women are not always the same as the interests of “non-binary” or “trans” people.

The Oversight Board’s one listed example of this actual false equivalency referred to its “‘breast cancer symptoms and nudity” decision. The board explained, “Meta’s automated systems failed to apply exceptions for breast cancer awareness, which lead to important health information being removed from Instagram.” 

The Oversight Board revealed its globalist priorities when it touched on free speech for election-related content. “We highlighted the importance of protecting political expression in our “pro-Navalny protests in Russia” decision, while our “mention of the Taliban in news reporting” decision touched upon issues of media freedom,” the board wrote, seemingly patting itself on the back. 

The write-up notably made no mention of the American company’s handling of U.S. election-related content just ahead of the contentious 2022 midterm elections.  

The board also weakly addressed the unfair or unequal treatment of censored users. The priorities list complained that some users receive more transparency than others and that not every user is given the option to appeal. The board did not seem to have an issue with censorship itself but rather the fact that the lack of transparency gave the “perception” of equal treatment.

“When people’s content is removed from Facebook and Instagram, they are not always told which rule they have broken, and a lack of transparency can create the perception that users are not treated equally,” Meta’s Oversight Board wrote.

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