NY Times, WashPost Adore Online Leftists Who Put the Bull in Bully

August 2nd, 2021 5:01 PM

Journalists love lefty activists — especially when they are pushing propaganda. The New York Times and Washington Post both celebrated how an online “influencer army” was promoting a “personality-driven campaign” in separate weekend stories.

The Times featured government-funded talking heads pushing the Coronavirus vaccine to underage children “to fight vaccine lies.” The Post was thrilled that “self-described trolls” were harassing oil companies on social media.

The Times’ story was much worse. It rationalized using young influencers to promote the vaccine and “grow awareness within the 12-18 age range.” In other words, indoctrinating kids who aren’t even teens yet. The article explained how “the White House” had reached out to a 17-year-old “TikTok creator with over 10 million followers” “to participate in a White House-backed campaign encouraging her audience to get vaccinated.” 

Government was even paying to manipulate children. The article was unclear if the Biden administration was paying its “eclectic army of more than 50 Twitch streamers, YouTubers, TikTokers and the 18-year-old pop star Olivia Rodrigo, all of them with enormous online audiences.” But “local micro influencers” were getting “up to $1,000 a month to promote Covid-19 vaccines to their fans.”

Imagine if the Trump White House or GOP governors had tried that.

The article, “To Fight Vaccine Lies, Authorities Recruit an ‘Influencer Army’” was written by controversial Times leftist Taylor Lorenz. She’s already earned a rotten reputation for how she handles young people. So it wasn’t surprising that she was OK with using a 17-year-old influencer to manipulate kids.

When Lorenz wrote for the leftist Daily Beast, she outed “the social media famous daughters of a prominent conservative Pamela Geller,” to hurt Gellar. Lorenz also “helped boost" the feud around “Fifteen-year-old Claudia Conway, daughter of Kellyanne Conway and conservative anti-Trumper George Conway,” according to The Daily Caller.

The Post article was traditional climate change hysteria, loaded with love for green troll Mary Heglar and her “deep reserves of anger.” The story said “the 37-year-old climate essayist and podcaster haunts the feeds of fossil fuel companies, harnessing memes and the native language of the Internet to engage her particular brand of climate activism against the flow of misinformation in the digital ether.”

Of course, it included a young woke journalist turned eco-nut. “Elia Griffin, a senior studying journalism and design at the Eugene Lang College of Liberal Arts in New York, wrestles with intense climate anxiety that ‘manifests mostly as existential dread.’” 

Griffin needs serious help.

Here’s a classic quote that should have her working at the Post when she graduates. “‘If you compare your individual self to those Big Oil companies, they’re the ones who are committing these crimes and destroying the earth, way more than myself as an individual,’ Griffin said. ‘It kind of feels like you’re bullying the bully.’”

Spoken like a true Postie.

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