MRC’s Dan Schneider Says Google ‘Far More Effective’ at Censorship Than Facebook, Twitter

March 22nd, 2024 1:03 PM

MRC Free Speech America Vice President Dan Schneider addressed Google censorship in the wake of a new bombshell MRC report exposing the tech giant’s years-long election interference to benefit Democrats.

Schneider ripped Google apart for putting its thumb on the election scales during an appearance on Washington Watch with Tony Perkins on March 21. “One of the really dangerous things about Google is how it does it, all of this censorship, behind the wall within its dark box of algorithms,” Schneider commented. “When Facebook or Twitter has deplatformed people, it’s been obvious to others. Google is far more effective at doing this in secret ways.”

MRC Free Speech America uncovered 41 instances of Google manipulating its algorithms to benefit the most left-wing candidates in elections going back to 2008. It is also actively involved in using its monopolistic control of the search engine market to help President Joe Biden in the 2024 election.

To back up his claims, Schneider emphasized the overwhelming evidence illustrating how  Google search results were skewed to help Democratic Presidential primary candidates that were favorable to Google, while downgradingRepublicans and other candidates that ran afoul of Google’s principles. 

For example, an Aug. 24, 2023 MRC Free Speech America study of Google search results for “Democrat presidential campaign websites” showed Joe Biden right at the top of the search and also showed Marianne Williamson prominently. However, the website of notable Democratic rival Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was suppressed . Even more absurd was that Google searches for “Republican presidential campaign websites,” on the other hand, yielded only two results: the campaign website for Williamson, a Democrat, and Will Hurd, a Republican candidate who consistently polled below 1% support.

“This is how Google operates,” Schneider told Perkins. “It withholds information from the public that is valuable. It promotes information that is bad for Republicans, good for Democrats, or in some cases, when it is a Democrat that opposes their candidate of choice like RFK Jr.”  

Schneider also noted that the scope of Google censorship expanded far beyond the election issue:

“And then, it’s not just on elections, it’s on policy issues like elections. In Google News, Google links to 97% of their links on elections links to liberal sites, 0% to conservative sites. And on cultural issues, Google skews it far to the left as well.”

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