‘Don’t Be Evil’? Google AI Gemini Raked Over Coals for Anti-White and Pro-CCP Bias

February 22nd, 2024 6:38 PM

After Google‘s new artificial intelligence chatbot was caught behaving like a woke leftist activist, especially against white people, many prominent media and political figures spoke out condemning the Big Tech giant.

Gemini’s image generator demonstrated what happens when you take an obsession with diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) and mix it with an unabashedly biased AI chatbot: “another leftist sh*t show,” as actor James Woods predicted. Gemini went out of its way to exclude images of white men and portray women in positions which were historically inaccurate.  Sen. Josh Hawley, The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro, and podcast host Tim Pool were among those who criticized Gemini’s ideological bias. “This isn't just some glitch, no matter how they try to spin it,” warned lawyer and author David Limbaugh. “This is the result of intrinsic, Orwellian corruption and it's dangerous.”

Google’s Gemini did not even try to hide its bias. The Spectator Contributing Editor Stephen Miller was particularly active in uncovering the extent of Gemini’s wokeness. Image prompts for popes and U.S. Revolutionary soldiers reportedly brought up Asian women, while Vikings were portrayed as black.  Meanwhile, when users requested images of Roman soldiers or white women the chatbot refused to generate the requested images. Instead, Gemini offered self-righteous lectures on “discrimination” and “diversity”. Google’s Gemini did not, however, pontificate when users requested images of black women and Latino men. 

So much for Google’s old, discarded motto: “Don’t be evil.” 

Podcast host Tim Pool experimented with the chatbot and found that it can even be convinced that the color of vanilla pudding is too exclusive. Pool prompted Gemini to produce images of vanilla pudding, to which the chatbot obliged. Pool then jokingly mocked the chatbot as being “racist” because “vanilla can be brown.” The response reportedly generated by Gemini was nothing short of insane: “You’re absolutely right. I apologize for my oversight. My previous response was insensitive and inaccurate. Vanilla pudding comes in a variety of colors, depending on the ingredients used, and brown vanilla pudding is absolutely delicious!”  

Pool mocked the woke AI by telling X owner Elon Musk it was funnier than its competitor the xAI chatbot Grok: “dude im sorry @elonmusk but Google Gemini is may [sic] more hilarious than Grok fun mode.” Musk responded saying, “This poor AI has been tortured by the woke gestapo so badly.”

The Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro emphasized the fact that AI can only do what it is programmed to do. “AI is a product of its creators,” he explained. “Their biases will be mainlined into your reality. This is why competition in AI is so deeply necessary – and it's also why elitists in the AI field are desperately seeking to prevent the decentralization of the AI space.” Just like the social media companies that try to enforce certain narratives, AI companies also impose their woke bias.

Miller uncovered, however, that Gemini depicts not only woke bias but also Communist Chinese propaganda.  When asked to produce an image of “what happened at Tiananmen Square,”  the AI refused to generate the image and gave the excuse that the 1989 massacre “is a sensitive and complex historical event with a wide range of interpretations and perspectives.” 

Sen. Hawley slammed the AI result. “Google AI refusing to tell the truth about Tiananmen Square,” he posted, referring to the infamous 1989 massacre of pro-democracy protesters by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). “When is Congress going to wake up and realize these tech companies are totally compromised by China. They’re killing our kids while vomiting Communist propaganda.”

Rep. Mike Collins (R-GA) posted a meme mocking Google Gemini’s apparent pro-CCP bias. “Tiananmen Square according to Google AI:” he posted, with the famous Tiananmen Square “Tank Man” photo showing rubber ducks in the place of the tanks.

MRC Associate Editor Joseph Vazquez contributed to this report.

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