'Digital Brownshirts' Roll Out New Year Censorship Resolutions

January 3rd, 2024 4:53 PM

The anti-free speech Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) has a slew of plans to crush speech in the new year.

CCDH, which has a long history of pressuring tech companies and government officials to silence conservative voices (including the Media Research Center), is not taking a break. It published its goals for 2024 on Tuesday, which included a plan to fight the lawsuit X owner Elon Musk’s has launched against the anti-free speech group and flagging alleged “disinformation” and “hate speech” for censorship going into the 2024 U.S. election. CCDH also boasted about its role in the passage of European pro-censorship legislation. The group has shown such a disdain for free speech that MRC President and Founder Brent Bozell previously called the non-profit “digital brownshirts.”

According to the new release, CCDH has many plans this year, which include “Producing brand new groundbreaking research on public health, kids, climate denial, reproductive rights, and of course countering hate speech and disinformation amid elections everywhere.” This appears to describe a goal to interfere in the election, along with CCDH’s usual radical pro-abortion and climate alarmist agenda.

The CCDH also vowed it would “Keep fighting back against Elon Musk’s X Corp ridiculous lawsuit against us.” Musk launched the so-called “ridiculous” lawsuit arguing that CCDH has falsely accused X of promoting hate speech and attempting to sabotage free speech.

Nonetheless, the group accused Musk of profiting off “the hateful anti-LGBTQ+ grooming narrative” and other supposed “hate and misinformation.”  

The “digital brownshirts” group even pledged to continue its legislative efforts to usher in more censorship. In the release CCHDH bragged about is role in passing the UK Online Safety Act and the European Union Digital Services Act, two pieces of legislation, that were highly criticized by free speech advocates. The Daily Caller even warned that the EU legislation could result in a “threat” to Americans’ free speech too.

While CCDH also tried to claim positive goals such as protecting teens and children online, the group’s track record shows blatant leftist bias trying to undermine free speech and enforce a certain ideology.


The non-profit CCDH was previously found to be receiving funding from a leftist eco-group that financed a “greening” scheme for Communist China’s Belt and Road initiative. It was hardly surprising then when, in 2022, CCDH released a report called “The Toxic Ten,” which attempted to shut down ten outlets, including the Media Research Center, for supposed “climate change denial.” CCDH has further displayed its pro-abortion bent in trying to suppress pro-life content online.


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