‘Blacklisted’: Shapiro Cites MRC Study to Expose NewsGuard’s Leftist Bias

August 2nd, 2023 5:35 PM

The Daily Wire host Ben Shapiro championed research against leftist ratings firm NewsGuard during a July 29 segment exposing globalist organizations that try to control online narratives and ad money. 

Shapiro noted in the first episode of new series “Facts” that there’s clear bias when one compares NewsGuard’s ratings of right-leaning versus left-leaning outlets. He cited exclusive research from the Media Research Center’s MRC Free Speech America, published January 6, 2023. MRC Free Speech America found that the average score for left-leaning outlets was 91/100, versus 66/100 for right-leaning outlets. That’s a 25-point difference. This comes over a year after MRC originally exposed NewsGuard’s bias, and the ratings firm claimed to have corrected mistakes in downgrading 21 outlets during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“NewsGuard is a trusted partner in GARM,” Shapiro noted, referring to the Global Alliance for Responsible Media founded by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA). GARM is associated with a “network of global elites that has created a universal framework full of guidelines and ratings designed to enforce ‘approved’ narratives and punish ‘disapproved’ ones,” as Shapiro put it. 

Shapiro explained that organizations and groups such as the World Economic Forum (WEF), WFA, GARM and NewsGuard aim at financial censorship by diverting advertisers from outlets and content that doesn’t fit the groups’ preferred narrative.

WFA represents “mega-corporations that control 90% of global advertising dollars,” Shapiro said. “There is barely a billionaire, Fortune 500 CEO, heavy-weight philanthropist, government, or woke nonprofit that isn’t associated with the WEF or the WFA.” That’s what makes WFA-founded and WEF-associated GARM and helpers like NewsGuard so dangerous. “If you publish content that violates these guidelines, you will be blacklisted from 90 percent of the advertising revenue in the market,” Shapiro continued.

“[NewsGuard] help[s] ensure that ad-buyers and users looking for news can be in safe and suitable places,” Shapiro said sarcastically. As MRC Free Speech America exposed, NewsGuard is politically biased, not an objective arbiter.

“The [MRC] study found glaring examples of bias by NewsGuard,” Shapiro said. “The left’s BuzzFeed managed a 100/100 perfect score, despite its reporting on the Steele Dossier and alleging collusion between Trump and Russia.” These stories were not substantiated and ultimately proved false.

Global Times, a Chinese propaganda government outlet, scored a 39.5/100,” Shapiro continued. “That is 27 points higher than the U.S.-based conservative outlet The Federalist,” which earned only 12.5/100. MRC Free Speech America also exclusively revealed in February 2022 several Chinese Communist state propaganda outlets received higher scores than multiple right-leaning or pro-life outlets.

Shapiro brought up another example from the January MRC Free Speech America study. “Despite a scandal at USA Today revealing the publication of multiple fabricated sources in their stories, and their own fact-checking operation misleading readers on the history of the Democratic Party and the KKK, USA Today maintained a 100/100 rating in NewsGuard,” Shapiro stated.

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