EXCLUSIVE: China Expert Gives Startling Reason Why CCP Is Requiring AI to ‘Reflect Socialist Values’

April 27th, 2023 3:52 PM

Fox News China expert Gordon Chang revealed the startling reason why the Chinese Communist Party is requiring AI to “reflect socialist values” in its new artificial intelligence regulations.

The Communist Chinese government unveiled a slew of insane regulations on artificial intelligence (AI) that would give it control over all AI in the country. Under the new drafted Chinese Communist Party (CCP) regulations, all AI would have to support CCP ideology. The regulations draft was issued April 11. Stanford University’s DigiChina provided a translation of the draft of the CCP’s “Measures for the Management of Generative Artificial Intelligence Services – April 2023.”

The drafted regulations say that, while the CCP supports “indigenous innovation, broad application, and international cooperation” for AI, “Content generated through the use of generative AI shall reflect the Socialist Core Values.” [Emphasis added]

Chang warned about the dangers of such regulations in exclusive comments to MRC Free Speech America. “China wants control,” Chang said. “It wants to dominate the world, it actually has this notion that it’s the only sovereign state in the world, and that the moon and Mars are part of the People’s Republic of China.” He added that while the CCP “wants to have the world’s most sophisticated technology,” it will choose control of tech instead.

“The implications would be that it would be very difficult to propagate notions supporting democracy,” Chang added. “You’d have only China-sponsored messages…it’s freedom versus totalitarianism.” The CCP is totalitarian, Chang said. “They want to have great AI…but they want it to further their goals of control.”

The CCP, besides being the greatest mass murderer in world history under Mao Zedong and Xi Jinping, runs an authoritarian surveillance state. This means control over AI would endow its surveillance apparatus with enormous newfound power. George Orwell is turning over in his grave.

The so-called “values” included a ban on undermining the government, which could theoretically involve journalistic reporting on the ongoing Uyghur Muslim genocide, religious persecution, and other ongoing crimes of the CCP.

The CCP is vying to put all AI use in China under the control of the censorship-obsessed Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC). “Before using generative AI products to provide services to the public, a security assessment must be submitted to the state cyberspace and information department,” the regulations say. In addition, CAC and other government departments will have the power to “order suspension or termination of…use of generative AI provider services.”

The CCP might well interpret the rules however it wants anyway, considering how contradictory its supposed ethical guidelines are to its documented actions. Its current oppression of Uyghurs, Chinese Catholics, and other groups shows how insincere is the AI restriction against “discrimination on the basis of race, ethnicity, religious belief, nationality, region, sex, age, or profession.” The CCP also constantly peddles falsehoods in its state propaganda, yet the AI regulations supposedly ban “false information.”

The drafted AI regulations further provide the possibility of direct government surveillance of every AI user in China, as “users shall be required to provide real identity information.” There are various CCP laws listed with which all generative AI has to be in accord. Violations are to be reported to CCP government departments.

Big Brother is always watching. 

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