ABSURD! Gov’t-Funded Canadian Outlet Claims ‘Extremist’ Ben Shapiro Radicalizes Young Men

September 20th, 2022 2:45 PM

Canada’s CBC, a government-funded outlet, pushed increased online censorship to stop “radicalization” -- by conservatives like Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief and political commentator Ben Shapiro.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) published a piece titled, “'It's a slippery slope': How young men fall into online radicalization.” The article claimed that any critiques of LGBTQ ideology are extremist, implied that traditional masculinity is inherently sexist, and used Ben Shapiro as an example of dangerous “extremist” content.

Leftists commonly use the terms “extremist” and “extremism” to tar the right. Even President Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security recently claimed it will continue to work to combat “domestic violent extremism” online after its Disinformation Governance Board was terminated in August. 

TikTok, YouTube and other social media apps have sucked young men into “extremism,” according to CBC. “Extremist” commentators like Shapiro encourage “misogyny,” “homophobia,” and “sexism,” the CBC fear-mongered.

The article claimed that the videos student Reid Brown saw at age 13 were “increasingly extreme,” and quoted Brown, “It started out pretty benign ... You're watching something about teen fashion and then the next thing you know, the algorithm would push you to a Ben Shapiro video.” 

Oh, the horror!

Shapiro may be a conservative political commentator, but his views are “controversial” and “discriminatory,” CBC accused. Shapiro is not affiliated with “hate groups,” but Shapiro’s content supposedly is “prevalent in online extremist communities,” according to the outlet. CBC cited the fact that Shapiro has suggested “transgender people” suffer from a mental disorder, an opinion with which some medical experts concur, including Johns Hopkins University psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh in 2015.

CBC and podcast producer Ellen Chloë Bateman suggested that ultra-feminist ideology and catchphrases so constantly pushed in society can cause men to see messaging as saying, “Men are irrelevant.”

The solution? CBC gushed about “GuysWork,” founded by Morris Green to “give young men a safe space to talk about their feelings, mental health and to disrupt problematic ideals about masculinity.” In case you’re wondering, that means tearing down “traditional” masculinity and preventing men from listening to so-called “extremist[s]” like Ben Shapiro.

Participants in a GuysWork program said they no longer believe they should act upon a “certain kind of typical and traditional masculinity,” CBC wrote. Joanna Schroeder, a “gender and media” writer, emphasized that boys must be trained even when very young to avoid the “radicalization” online.

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