YouTube Suspends BlazeTV Over Video Showing Compassion for 'Trans' Actor

June 27th, 2023 4:40 PM

YouTube once again silenced opposition to the "transgender" movement, this time suspending BlazeTV.

BlazeTV podcaster and political commentator Lauren Chen discussed actor Elliot Page, formerly known as Ellen Page, and some of the disturbing stories detailed in the actor’s new book Pageboy: A Memoir. YouTube removed the video over so-called “hate speech” and suspended Blaze TV’s channel for one week. Chen explained in a tweet: “.@YouTube has SUSPENDED @BlazeTV over my recent video covering Ellen Page's mental illness, specifically her admitted experiences with self-harm & her ‘trans’ identity.”  

In a statement to MRC Free Speech America, YouTube spokesperson Jack Malon gave a partial explanation for why YouTube suspended BlazeTV. “We issued a strike to the BlazeTV channel for violating our hate speech policies, which prohibit content that promotes hatred against groups based on attributes such as gender identity,” he claimed. “As a result of this strike, BlazeTV is prohibited from uploading content to YouTube for one week.”
It remains unclear exactly which specific section of Chen’s video violated YouTube’s so-called hate speech policy. However, the policy identifies “Gender Identity and Expression” as a protected group and gives as an example of hate speech, “‘[Attribute noted above] is just a form of mental illness that needs to be cured.’” 

Chen, however, did not ignore the obvious signs of mental illness described in Page’s memoir. She noted Page’s allegations of facing sexual abuse and the actor’s struggles with self-harm prior to transitioning. “It’s no wonder that Page, when we look at her now, has all of these different mental health struggles,” Chen said. She later added that “as an individual, I feel sorry for her. This is clearly someone who has been through, I think, a lot. She was also a child actor and growing up in Hollywood I think it is hard to escape unharmed, and in the same memoir that she’s written it seems she has serious psychological problems.”   

Nowhere in the video does Chen encourage hatred or violence against Page or any other people claiming a “transgender” identity. Instead, Chen actually expresses great compassion for Page. “I do think there is an actual person, under all these labels, who is hurt, who is scarred, and who needs someone who genuinely has her best interests at heart,” Chen said. 

YouTube’s censorship of BlazeTV is just one example of Big Tech’s repeated push to promote “transgenderism.” YouTube reportedly demonetized Daily Wire+ host Matt Walsh’s channel in April when he refused to use “preferred pronouns,” according to RedState.  The platform claimed the video was “hateful and derogatory content.” YouTube similarly removed an interview of psychologist and podcaster Jordan Peterson and Economist journalist Helen Joyce discussing Joyce’s book, Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality, earlier this month. YouTube again accused the content of “glorifying or inciting violence against another person or group of people.” 

Chen did not respond to MRC Free Speech America's request for comment.

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