Elon Musk Stands for Free Speech, Slams Twitter

March 25th, 2022 7:49 PM

Tesla’s Elon Musk tweeted in support of free speech and questioned Twitter’s “adherence” to it.

Musk asked his followers to vote “yes” or “no” in a poll that asked users whether the platform supported free speech. “Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy,” he tweeted on Friday. “Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?”

Over 1.5 million people had voted in the poll as of Friday evening. Approximately 70 percent of users voted “no” while only 30 percent voted “yes.”

Musk added that the tweet’s “consequences” would be “important.” “The consequences of this poll will be important,” he said. “Please vote carefully.” Musk criticized Twitter’s algorithm on Thursday. “I’m worried about de facto bias in ‘the Twitter algorithm’ having a major effect on public discourse,” he tweeted. “How do we know what’s really happening?”

He also ran a poll about the platform’s algorithm. “Twitter algorithm should be open source,” Musk’s “yes” or “no” poll asked. Over 80 percent of users voted “yes.” Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey added his own thoughts. “The choice of which algorithm to use (or not) should be open to everyone,” Dorsey tweeted.

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