Hilarious! Leftist SPLC President Claims She Supports Efforts to Agree on ‘Truth’

April 11th, 2021 7:11 PM

Southern Poverty Law Center president Margaret Huang wants Americans to be more like President Joe Biden and take “a really strong position” against “hate.”

Huang discussed the SPLC’s classification of “hate groups” in an interview with The Washington Post, implying that all members of “hate groups” are Republicans active during Democratic presidencies.

She also encouraged Americans to “find the truth” and discuss information resources with friends and family “after years of disinformation.”

Huang argued that Big Tech should “deplatform people who are using platforms to incite violence and spread misinformation.” She praised Twitter’s decision to remove former President Donald Trump’s account from the platform.

“[We] need to see more efforts by the technology companies to monitor their platforms to ensure that there is not disinformation being spread, that there is not planning for violent activities happening.”

The SPLC has a history of carelessly categorizing conservative groups as “hate groups” in an attempt to silence opposition. In a massive “Hate Free Philanthropy” memo last year, the SPLC claimed that “hate groups that espouse and advance racism, sexism, xenophobia, and religious bigotry receive millions of dollars from charitable institutions, whether directly or indirectly, philanthropies are, in effect, funding hate.”

The SPLC targets Christian groups as well. It labeled the Family Research Council (FRC)  a “hate group” simply because the group is pro-life and believes in biblical marriage.

The SPLC’s “hate” labeling of the FRC had serious consequences — inspiring a terrorist attack in the nation’s capital in 2012. Floyd Lee Corkins III broke into the FRC armed with a semi-automatic pistol. Had he not been wrestled to the floor by an unarmed security guard, the perpetrator said he would have “killed everyone” in the building.

In 2017, the Executive vice president at the Family Research Council wrote a scathing letter to the U.S. Senate, challenging senators to recognize SPLC’s dangerous labels.

“The SPLC bullies and dehumanizes many ordinary Americans by calling them names and portraying them grotesquely in terrible photographs and sketches,” Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William Boykin wrote. “It seeks their silence and submission and not an honest, open debate with opponents.” 

Conservative leaders across the country wrote to Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and Google to formally request that the companies cut ties with SPLC. The letter read in part:

“Despite [a] track record of making false charges of bigotry, SPLC continued to be an adviser to leading technology and social media companies like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Twitter…[Y]ou chose to cooperate with the SPLC despite the clear evidence that the organization wants nothing more than to shut down all conservative speech.”

Meanwhile, the mainstream media shows no sign of ending its idolization of the SPLC. Most recently, NPR called SPLC a “revered civil rights watchdog.” 

Conservatives are under attack. Contact The Washington Post and demand that it be honest about the SPLC. If you have been censored, contact us at the Media Research Center contact form, and help us hold Big Tech accountable.