Media’s Favorite Drag Queen Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

March 18th, 2024 3:05 PM

Yeah…we could’ve told you that was gonna happen.

The media took every opportunity it could to rant and rave about Darius Pierce, also known as Shangela from "RuPaul's Drag Race," that it could in the last few years. Now, however, numerous sexual assault allegations have surfaced damaging the once “crowning glory” reputation Shangela was given.

Four separate people spoke with Rolling Stone and alleged that Pierce “either sexually assaulted them or attempted to have sex with them when they were too inebriated to consent. A fifth person claims Pierce attempted anal penetration in a bathroom closet despite rejecting his advances.”

I guess this queer may be one to fear!

The five allegations “mirror” a recently settled lawsuit where Pierce was accused of raping Daniel McGarrigle, who worked on the production team of a TV show he was on. The lawsuit alleged that the rape happened after Pierce purchased “several drinks” for the production assistant. 

Nonetheless, according to a letter submitted on behalf of Pierce to Rolling Stone, the allegations are “false and unsupported by any evidence or reliable witness testimony” and Pierce, “adamantly denies ever engaging in nonconsensual sex.”

Common denial phrase for a rapist.

McGarrigle alleged that he woke up after getting drunk and throwing up to Pierce “rubbing his penis against his buttocks, attempting to insert himself into his anus,” Rolling stone indicated.

Rolling Stone provided more details about the five individual alleged cases of assault, all of which likely knew Shangela from his Drag Queen career as they have “participated in or watched drag shows” themselves.

All of the victims were between 18 and 23 years-old at the time of the alleged assault.

“All five said that Pierce, nearly double their age and fresh off headline-grabbing spots on the silver screen and awards-show red carpets, drank with them through the late hours of the night and into the morning,” Rolling Stone reported.

One individual claimed they “got so drunk” that they puked in a hotel bed, the same bed that they were then allegedly sexually assaulted in.

Many shared the alleged experience of getting drunk with Pierce and waking up to Pierce (and sometimes another man) attempting to penetrate them. Victims report to being in and out of consciousness and not being able to stop Pierce, even with clear “nos.”

One victim said Pierce even dressed up as Shangela for the alleged rape.

“She had gotten me so drunk that I couldn’t say no, and I was in no way mentally OK enough to feel strong or demand her to stop what she was doing,” Rolling Stone indicated. “I remember I woke up, felt so nasty, and just got in the shower and walked out of that hotel thinking it was my fault for being drunk and staying the night.”

This alleged rapist is the same one the media has praised for years!

In January of 2023, Pierce guest starred on "Good Morning America" to talk about his queerness. Hosts praised him for advocating for LGBTQ garbage across the nation and congratulated Pierce for the tour he was part of at the time. “We need that right now,” one of the GMA hosts confessed. Pierce also plugged the “We’re Here” TV show he was part of. The same show he allegedly raped the production assistant on. 

In 2022 Shangela was also on "Dancing With The Stars" (DWTS) as the first Drag Queen to star on the show. "DWTS," which airs on none other than Disney+, raved about Shangela. One judge called him a “showstopping sensation,” at the time and show producers gave him ample time to promote drag queens and queerness. In another episode, the "DWTS" host told Shangela his presence on the show was “absolutely groundbreaking.”

Then of course back in 2011, Shangela was invited to teach young little girls, literally ages 6-10 how to act and dance like a drag queen on Lifetime's "Dance Moms."

Now, am I gonna sit here and say that every drag queen or queer person is a rapist? No, of course not! But, living and believing a delusion certainly gives you the propensity to act in ways that are not morally sound as well as believe that you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want, just like many of the alphabet mob do.

Time will tell if enough evidence finds Shangela guilty of all these alleged assaults. Until then, hide yo kids, hide yo wife and hide yo husband too.