Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo No Longer Allowed to Distribute Plan B Pills At Concerts

March 15th, 2024 4:21 PM

She shouldn’t have been allowed to in the first place!

“Driver License” singer/songwriter Olivia Rodrigo will no longer be allowed to pass out Plan B contraceptives at her concerts during her GUTS tour. This move comes after tons of pro-life individuals and groups condemned Rodrigo’s (whether she facilitated it or she simply didn't stop it from happening) distribution of something that has the potential to abort a child. 

An image captured by a fan and shared online showed the goodybag attendees received. Concertgoers were given two boxes of “emergency contraceptives” as well as numerous little cards advocating abortion and asking for donations. One note was a little heart that said “We can help you find abortion care.” They were assembled in part by the National Network of Abortion Funds who put up booths at every stop of Rodrigo’s North American tour.

The image gained more than 12.7 million views on X alone.

Individuals were disgusted by Rodrigo allowing something like this to be passed out at her concerts, especially when her target demographic is teenagers.

No wonder! Emergency contraceptives work by either preventing a pregnancy from occuring or by ending a new pregnancy. Essentially the drug gives a woman a bunch of hormonal birth control (often referred to as “the pill”) at one time to suppress ovulation. 

“Killing babies doesn’t pass the vibe check,” an avid pro-lifer wrote. “Putting poison into your body to kill your child and celebrating it is pretty wild,” another said while others called the move “evil.” 

March for Life tweeted about what Rodrigo permitted on Wednesday:

Olivia Rodrigo handed out Plan B pills at her concert in Saint Louis.

Plan B is an abortifacient.

Young fans, especially young women, deserve support during a pregnancy, not a drug that will violently end it.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk said, “Liberalism is a creepy anti-child death cult,” and Students for Lifepointed out that Rodrigo was “too dedicated to abortion to notice that she’s killing off her future fan base.” 

This isn’t the first time this year that Rodrigo shared her undeniable support for abortion. In February she shared that a portion of the GUTS World Tour proceeds would go towards killing babies. Specifically, Rodrigo allocated the money for groups who pay for travel and lodging expenses for women who seek illegal abortions across state lines.

Luckily, pro-life backlash halted Rodrigo’s distribution of the “morning-after” pills.

Pro-abort organizers told Variety that “after widespread media attention, local abortion funds were told Thursday afternoon that they were no longer allowed to hand out free emergency birth control pills and other reproductive health resources at the concerts.”

Abortion isn’t a “health resource.” It isn’t something for your “health” at all actually.

Supposedly Rodrigo and her team are no longer allowed to pass out “lubrication, condoms and Plan B because ‘children are present at the concerts,’” Variety reported. 

Organizers disagreed and were not pleased with the announcement. 

Jade Hurley from the DC Abortion Fund insisted “The reality is that youth have sex, and youth need access to birth control and emergency contraception. What we’re doing is completely legal in all 50 states.”

Prairie Abortion Fund’s Destini Spaeth “strongly disagrees with the decision.” 

“There is something really positive about a 16- or 15-year-old having a Plan B and a few condoms in her dresser to use as she needs it,” Spaeth told Variety before calling abortion pills like Plan B a “sexual health tool.”

Unfortunately, it seems that pro-aborts are ruthless about getting these drugs to young concert goers. Hurley even admitted that if she can’t pass them out inside the concert venue, she’ll stand on the sidewalk and hand them out to fans as they go in.

If you don’t think this is a blatant and targeted attack to not only brainwash young girls into thinking abortion is normal and casual but also to continue killing babies, your eyes must be shut.