Teen Pop Star Olivia Rodrigo Donates Tour Proceeds to Abortion Funds

February 29th, 2024 11:04 AM

For a girl that got her period like two years ago, she sure has a lot to say about abortions.

Singer/Songwriter Olivia Rodrigo released a graphic on her Instagram story Tuesday indicating that she partnered up with the National Network of Abortion Funds to contribute financially to moms who travel to abort their children. Ticket sale proceeds from her GUTS World Tour will go towards three different abortion funds who help women kill their babies. 

It takes a lot of GUTS to come out and insist that you want to help women kill their kids but then again, that line of thinking is normal for leftists who have no decency or respect for innocent human life.

Rodrigo took the entertainment industry by storm after gaining popularity with a role on Disney Channel that launched her career in the music industry. “Drivers License,” is one of her top songs and it, as well as Rodrigo as a whole, has a major influence on women and girls of Generation Z.

Hence why this sort of initiative is so detrimental. 

“A portion of the proceeds from all ticket sales at #GUTSworldtourHouston will go towards @abortionfunds @fundtexaschoice @janesdueprocess who help Texans traveling for abortions by covering & coordinating transportation, lodging & other practical support classes.” She also linked to the National Network of Abortion Funds website for donations and insisted that the money was part of “Olivia Rodrigo’s Fund 4 Good.”

As an aside, it’s pretty ironic that the tour advocating for abortions is called GUTS. During an abortion a baby’s guts are ripped out of his mothers womb slowly. The parallels are disturbing but nonetheless, uncanny.

Thing is, if Rodrigo actually cared about women, you’d think she’d donate the portion of the proceeds to actually helping them rather than encouraging and enabling them to kill their babies. Maybe proceeds could go to pregnancy centers or perhaps it could be donated to moms that need scholarship money to finish up school. But to go towards the brutal murder of innocent babies? Come on!

Following the announcement that Rodrigo would be partnering with the National Network of Abortion Funds, mixed reviews flooded in. 

Rolling Stone indicated that the partnership “couldn’t come at a more critical time for abortion access,” and included a note from NNAF’s executive director who said, “It takes guts to fund abortions at this moment.”

One user insisted that it was a “bold move” for Rodrigo to announce the partnership. “I respect it so much,” the user wrote on X. Another called her a “perfect all-American pro-choice champion.”

Jezebel, an overtly pro-abort outlet, wrote that “it’s genuinely refreshing to see a huge celebrity uplifting the work of abortion funds,” and later on in the piece said “here’s to hoping Rodrigo keeps dragging these a**holes on her tour,” a**holes being pro-lifers of course.

Speaking of pro-lifers, many were utterly disturbed by Rodrigo's moved. 

“Why not raise funds to help single moms? Better yet raise money and awareness about condoms. Women seem to be worshiping abortion, same ones saying that they can be men if they feel like it,” a user wrote on X.

Our Sunday Visitor contributing editor Katie Yoder wrote “this makes me so sad” with a link to a TeenVogue article about Rodrigo’s campaign. Similarly a user insisted that the initiative was disappointing and “it makes me sick to see young women supporting the slaughter of unborn babies.”

“The Preborn children killed in abortions aren’t tissue, choices or medical waste. They were bigger than the whole sky and robbed of the chance to be more than just a short time. Shame on you, @oliviarodrigo,” one more wrote.

Live Action Ambassador Mary-Logan Miske said the following in a quote to MRCTV:

When we see artists like Paramore and most recently, Olivia Rodrigo, distribute their money sold from their tours, go towards paying for women’s abortions, we are left to believe Hollywood has a very clear agenda; to promote, pressure, and coerce women into thinking abortion is their only option. This is especially unfortunate when we are told they prefer the term “pro-choice,” yet don’t support women who choose life. Rodrigo could have used this opportunity to donate the money to support mothers who are not as finically stable, or towards scholarships so mothers can finish their degree, or to pregnancy centers to stalk up on diapers, bottles, and baby clothes. Instead, she has chosen to only pay for the hotel stay, transportation, and of course, the abortion itself, leading women no other option but to eliminate their child. It takes guts to have a child in an unplanned pregnancy, but that is better than ripping apart a babies guts for the sake of “autonomy.” 

This isn’t the first time Rodrigo has publicly supported abortion and likely, it won't be the last.

When Roe v. Wade was overturned Rodrigo and another artist Lily Allen sang the song “F**k You” which the two dedicated to the five Supreme Court judges who voted to overturn Roe. “We hate you,” Rodrigo said at the time.

Ultimately, it's disheartening to see a young lady like Rodrigo believe and project that abortion is something not only to be celebrated but something that somehow “helps” women. This campaign goes directly against what our country was founded on and promotes the rejection of the most basic human right: the right to life.