Transgender Funeral Scandal: AG Urged to Probe St. Patrick's Cathedral Event

February 22nd, 2024 11:28 AM

Last week MRCTV reported on the blasphemous display that took place at St. Patrick's Cathedral in New York where a funeral was held for a transgender atheist prostitute. On Tuesday the group called CatholicVote, wrote a letter to the New York Attorney General demanding an investigation of the situation for the deception and lies cordnators used to get the Catholic church to agree to hold the service.

On February 15, more than 1,000 people gathered at St. Patrick's Cathedral for Cecilia Gentili’s funeral. Gentili was a transgender woman, so a man, and was referred to as the “mother of all whores” during his funeral service. The whole event was blasphemous and was disrespectful not only to the church building but to Christian principles as a whole. 

At one point in the service, a friend of Gentili prayed for trans people to have the chance to access gender affirming “care” and sang “Ave Maria” but changed the lyrics to “Ave Cecilia.” That same friend then danced and twirled through the isles of the church.

How was this allowed? That’s a question I’ve been wondering the answer to for a week now. 

Supposedly organizers lied and deceived church staff in order to get them to have Gentili’s funeral there. Cayenne Doroshow, who put together the event, said that she tried to keep it hidden that Gentili was trans. “I kind of kept it under wraps,” Doroshow said, insisting that she wanted to have the funeral at a place that was an “icon, just like” Gentili.

In response to this deception, the Catholic advocacy organization, CatholicVote released a letter on Wednesday requesting that New York AG Letitia James investigate the circumstances surrounding the use of the well known cathedral. 

“The Archdiocese of New York has publicly affirmed that they ‘had no idea our welcome and prayer would be degraded in such a sacrilegious and deceptive way,’” the letter indicated before insisting that an investigation take place.

CatholicVote cited New York state laws which recognize those who gain access to property through deception as a form of criminal trespass.

The outrageous sacrilege perpetrated at St. Patrick’s Cathedral is indeed a hate crime. Video footage shows that transgender activists intentionally used deception to obtain permission to enter St. Patrick’s and the facts show that access was used to desecrate that sacred space and mock Catholic faith and morals. Again, the pastor of St. Patrick’s has confirmed that they were not told the nature and purpose of the offensive stunt that was planned.

I urge you to defend the rights and dignity of Catholic New Yorkers and the tens of thousands of Catholics from throughout this great nation who visit St. Patrick’s to honor the saint and practice their faith each year.

The deception and lies that took place to secure St. Patrick’s Cathedral, a sacred space, for something that so obviously denounces God’s principles and existence is not only disturbing but a heartbreaking reality of just how far the left will go to get what they want.

Time will tell if the New York’s Attorney General will even care about CatholicVote’s letter but hopefully, if she has any morals at all, she will investigate the deception and hold accountable those who broke the law.