Texas Attorney Given 180 Days in Jail For Attempting To Murder His Preborn Child

February 9th, 2024 11:20 AM

In 2022, Mason Herring, a Texas attorney, dissolved numerous abortion pills in his wife’s cup of water. Though the baby in Catherine Herring’s womb ended up surviving the attempted murder, Mr. Herring pleaded guilty Wednesday to poisoning his wife.

The Herrings were reportedly going through marital struggles back in 2022 but decided to start working on their relationship more as time went on. In February, Mrs. Herring became pregnant. Then, starting in March, Mr. Herring began slipping the pill Cyrux, an abortion pill sold in Mexico, into his wife’s drinks. (Cyrux is the same as misoprostol, the first of two pills taken to chemically kill a child in utero and force a miscarriage.)

USA Today also reported that Mr. Herring was romantically involved with a co-worker and was not happy that his wife was pregnant. During a trip to west Texas to reconcile their marriage, Mr. Herring repeatedly told his wife that she needed to drink more water and “wouldn’t leave until she drank all of it,” the complaint said, according to USA Today.

“Catherine Herring stated that she drank out of the cup and stopped to take a breath, noticing that the water inside the cup appeared to be cloudy,” the complaint read.

After drinking the water, Mrs. Herring got sick and even started bleeding, “almost as if she were having her period.” Mr. Herring then reportedly continued to poison his wife's drinks for two more months, an allegation proven by video footage obtained after Catherine set up hidden cameras in the home.

Their daughter, who is now a year old, was born 10 weeks premature and has numerous developmental delays and has to go to therapy sessions eight times every week. The child also spent 180 days intubated after being born, the same amount of time that her horrible father will spend in jail.

Imagine growing up knowing that your own father tried repeatedly to end your life.

To me, that so-called father should spend a lot longer than six months in jail. And Mrs. Herring apparently agrees.

“I do not believe that 180 days is justice for attempting to kill your child seven separate times,” she said, as AP Newsreported.

She’s right. Especially in Texas, abortion is not taken lightly. If a woman is caught breaking the law when it comes to obtaining an abortion, she, along with the abortion provider, can face criminal charges.

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Mr. Herring should know that - he’s an attorney after all, and should know the law better than anyone. But instead of the max penalty for his actual crimes, the charges, originally filed as a felony assault to induce abortion, were downgraded as part of the plea deal into just an injury to a child and assault of a pregnant person.

It’s sick what Mr. Herring did and also rather irritating that our justice system isn’t providing actual justice. This man has no remorse for the attempted murder of his daughter, and we can thank the Lord for His intervention on saving the child’s life.

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