Saint Mary's College Reverses Decision on Transgender Admissions

December 22nd, 2023 11:25 AM

One month ago, MRCTV reported that Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana, an all-girls school, would admit transgender girls - also known as biological boys - starting in the fall. But as of Thursday morning, the school has made a U-turn and reversed course.

Back in November, the school's president, Katie Conboy, sent an email to school faculty insisting that “Saint Mary’s will consider undergraduate applicants whose sex assigned at birth is female or who consistently live and identify as women.” She also quoted Pope Francis in the email and talked about how much he loved the LGBTQs, with the president insisting that she “seeks to advance just this kind of community.”

Think of how detrimental it would be to not only the moral compass of the Catholic school, but to biologically female students, to allow male students into a school intended for girls. Imagine if a biological boy parading around as a woman decides he’s attracted to one of the biological girls at the school. Allowing him access to all women's spaces, including dorms, locker rooms, bathrooms, etc., is a complete and utter recipe for disaster. 

Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades was disgusted at the news.

“To call itself a ‘women’s college’ and to admit male students who 'consistently live and identify as women' suggests that the college affirms an ideology of gender that separates sex from gender and claims that sexual identity is based on the subjective experience of the individual. This ideology is at odds with Catholic teaching,” he’d said in a statement at the time. "The desire of Saint Mary’s College to show hospitality to people who identify as transgender is not the problem. The problem is a Catholic woman’s college embracing a definition of woman that is not Catholic."

Thankfully, following Rhoades' statement and massive backlash condemning this decision, Saint Mary’s got some sense knocked into it and is reversing course. 

In an email to staff obtained by The Daily Signal, Conboy explained that the school would reverse its admissions decision amid the controversy. 

Conboy insisted that the decision “has weighed heavily on our minds and in our hearts,” and confessed that her initial decision was perceived as a “dilution of our mission or even a threat to our Catholic identity.”

Moreover, we clearly underestimated our community’s genuine desire to be engaged in the process of shaping a policy of such significance. As this last month unfolded, we lost people’s trust and unintentionally created division where we had hoped for unity. For this, we are deeply sorry.

Taking all these factors into consideration, the Board has decided that we will return to our previous admission policy. Although this has been a challenging time for our community, we believe that the College should continually grapple with the complexity of living our Catholic values in a changing world.

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Praise God that the decision was reversed - but honestly, it shouldn’t have ever been a decision in the first place.

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