Netflix’s 'CoCoMelon Lane' Features Boy in Tutu & Tiara Dancing for Gay Dads

December 21st, 2023 2:14 PM

Netflix is trying to indoctrinate your kids…again. 

In the streaming giant’s latest attempt to imprint progressive ideals onto your innocent children, Netflix released a "CoCoMelon Lane" episode normalizing having two dads and cross-dressing. 

Yeah, and the left still likes to tell you that they aren’t after your kids.

A clip was posted by End Wokeness to X on Wednesday where a little boy wears a tutu and a princess crown while dancing for his two dads. Presently, the clip has 13 million views and counting. 

The clip comes from episode 8 of the series, likely so that parents can “screen” the first few episodes with their kids, get a green flag on content and then not pay attention to the rest of the series. Keep in mind, the show is for toddlers.

In the episode, a little boy named Nico is picked up from school by his two dads and the three boys head to a studio for a family photo. At the studio, Nico intends to pick something out to wear. His dads instruct him that he should “just be you.” Naturally, the family breaks into song and dance. At one point, in an attempt to “just be me,” Nico is in a tutu with the aforementioned princess crown.

There were plenty of other ways to teach the child how to be himself. Other episodes attempted to normalize progressivism.

In episode 7, the main child characters refer to Nico’s white dad as Papa and his black dad as Dad. The kids make it seem like it’s completely normal to have a dad and a papa in the house, married. A similar vibe is on display in episode 6 when the main character, JJ, visits Nico’s house and there’s no awkwardness or discomfort when JJ’s dad passes him off to Nico’s two dads for their playdate. In Nico’s dads' kitchen there is also a food box on the counter with the exact colors of the transgender flag. This may be a coincidence, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was intentional. 

In the first episode of the series, one of the kids makes a cake with his dad. He decorates it with two people holding hands (made out of pretzels and a cherry), adding a heart with a giant rainbow on top. That could just mean the kid likes rainbows, but again, at this point, who knows.

The "CoComelon Lane" show is attempting to make unconventional marriages, those that celebrate progressivism, something that kids see and think is normal before kids are even old enough to question it. Nuclear families are normal. Families with two dads or two moms are the anomalies, but Netflix wants kids to think otherwise.

As an aside, what Netflix doesn’t seem to recognize is that children deserve both mothers and fathers. For any parent that chooses to prohibit that is showing that they care more about themselves and how they can virtue signal to the outside world than their kids. That’s the selfish choice. I digress.

The clip going viral comes the same week that the New York Times insulted Daily Wire’s kids app, Bentkey, where one of the characters in a show called "Chip Chilla" has a “weirdly present” father who teaches about history. The Times author insisted that it was weird that a kids show featured a “male authority” figure who gave lessons “about dead white people.” Again, the left wants present and involved father figures, as well as lessons about how our nation got to where it is today, to be anomalies, threatening. Again, what “normal” means. 

Funny enough, the Times had no qualms with the “weirdly present” fathers (MULTIPLE) in the "CoComelon Lane" episode, nor the fact that the boy was in a girls costume! 

It’s disappointing that we now have to screen children's television programs for woke propaganda and it's really telling that the normal families on platforms like Bentkey are the weird and problematic ones. But, progressive families are completely accepted and given a free pass. 

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