Newsom’s New Senator from California Is a Radical Abortion Supporter

October 2nd, 2023 12:37 PM

On Friday, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) passed away. By Monday, Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) had announced who’d be taking her seat: none other than a radical abortion supporter. 

To fill the vacant spot, Newsom selected a black lesbian named Laphonza Butler who heads a pro-abortion group called EMILY’s List. Newsom likely selected Butler based on the fact that she’s black, she’s part of the LGBTQ mob, and will help him fulfill his dreams of making abortion widely accepted in California. 

EMILY’s List is a group that seeks to “elect Democratic pro-choice women up and down the ballot and across the country with a goal of fighting for our rights and our communities," touting 489+ “wins” on its site in which women who support killing babies have been elected to local, state, federal and gubernatorial offices. 

On Monday, the group released a statement about Butler’s win in California, in whichEMILY's List board chair Rebecca Haile praised Bulter as a “groundbreaking leader" - before, of course, bringing up Butler’s identity politics that likely positioned her for her seat. 

“As a labor leader, the only Black woman in the Senate and the first Black LGBTQ+ senator, I know Laphonza will bring all of us into the Senate with her as she does the critical work of ensuring our government works for and represents all of us,” she said.

By “represents all of us,” Haile means all of those who also work for or are associated with EMILY's List and who support abortion. 

Butler was thrilled about the win and accredited EMILY's List for their help, saying, “For women and girls, for workers and unions, for struggling parents waiting for our leaders to bring opportunity back to their homes, for all of California, I’m ready to serve.”

Realistically, Butler should say she’s “ready to help women kill their babies,” since that’s what she seems to be all about. 

Over on X, formerly known as Twitter, Butler lists herself as a "believer." Normally this is what Christians call themselves, but you can't be a Christian and support abortion, so who knows what she means?

Butler has also tweeted her support of abortion time and time again. She celebrated the day when NARAL Pro-Choice America changed its name to Reproductive Freedom for All, adding that she was "thrilled" for the organization to continuing paving the way for abortions. She previously insisted that voting for abortion is equivalent to voting for "freedom," regularly praises Kamala Harris for being so pro-abort, and lamented the "tragic day" when Roe was overturned in June of 2022.

In an interview with Life News, SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser said the following about Butler’s appointment. 

The abortion lobby spends millions to elect Democrats who back its agenda of abortion on demand through all nine months of pregnancy, paid for by taxpayers. Democrats like Newsom, in turn, are beholden to the abortion lobby. The pay-to-play system couldn’t be more obvious, with an unelected Senate seat as the ultimate reward. Newsom even passed over staunch pro-abortion candidates who reside in California, in favor of a Beltway insider and the biggest pro-abortion extremist he could find.

"The last thing Washington needs is another rubber stamp for the brutal abortion industry," she added.

Dannenfelser's totally right. We’ve already got so many so-called “leaders” advocating for and encouraging abortion at any point and for any reason. Butler’s appointment is only going to add fuel to their fire. 

It’s a shame that Butler’s presence in California is likely going to push the abortion regime further. Pro-lifers need to say an extra prayer for California babies.