Can’t Get Worse Than This: Mulvaney, Griffin & Lorenz at a Party

August 31st, 2023 12:07 PM

If you asked me to think of a worse group of people to all be in one room together, I couldn’t do it. 

On Wednesday, a daymare occurred when transgender TikToker who ruined Bud Light, Dylan Mulvaney and decapitated Donald Trump head holder Kathy Griffin -- among other professional narcissists -- gathered at Griffin’s house for a luncheon. Other than looking like a skit out of a clown show, the ladies (and a dude) boosted each others egos and displayed their blatant hypocrisy first hand. 

Supposedly, Griffin gathered pop singer Sia, comedians Margaret Cho, Ryan Asher and Julia Sweeney, actresses Rosie O’Donnell, Pamela Aldon and Laraine Newman, writers Mosha Lundström Halbert and Meredith Lynch, man who looks like a man and dresses like a little girl Mulvaney and none other than professional victim, stalker, dramatizer and liar, Taylor Lorenz.

This was a clusterf**k of women who think they’re top s**t. Spoiler: THEY AREN’T!

At the “salon” event, the attendees were required to sit around a table without their phones and really tune into conversation with one another. No side conversations were allowed, and they even had to ask to go to the bathroom. 

Sounds riveting.

Mulvaney was named the guest of honor, and Cho was recognized as the “best dressed.” In a video posted to Griffin’s Instagram page, the ladies (and Dylan) went around the table and listed their accomplishments. Mulvaney noted that he was trans…as if we couldn’t tell by his bulge, voice, and well - really everything else about him. Sia just sat in a hat and hoodie and sang, while Griffin added to Lorenz’s list by including how “she’s also gone up against Elon Musk in a way that no other woman has.”

Honestly, it seemed like the most insufferable conversation ever. Was Griffin like, ‘Let’s get all of the worst women ever (and a dude) and put them in one room.’ C R I N G E.

Nonetheless, the attendees were thrilled to be there. Griffin added the hashtags #PowerWomen, #legends and #legendssupportlegends to one of her Instagram posts about the event. Mulvaney called it one of his “favorite days ever” in a video, and Lorenz insisted she had “so much fun hanging with one of the most beautiful and brave women on the planet” and posed for a picture with Mulvaney:

Amid the news of this dumpster fire of an event, the ladies (and Dylan) were roasted online. Libs of TikTok, who’s owner has caused Lorenz to practically crap her pants, and who’s been a victim of Lorenz’s stalking habits, called the "journalist" out for her hypocrisy.   

And Lorenz added to her own post saying, “Thank you @kathygriffin for having us over and for taking so many COVID precautions to make sure we could all hang safely.” LOL!

One user reposted Mulvaney’s video and wrote, “We’ve entered the ninth circle of Hell.” You could say that again! 

Others wrote, “No one wants this,” while another said “Desperation meets delusion.” And one more wrote, “So much cringe in one video. And that was just the first 5 seconds, couldn't watch it after that.”

Re-freakin tweet.