Austin School District Shuttles Students to Raunchy Pride Parade

August 11th, 2023 11:44 AM

Tomorrow, the city of Austin, Texas will host its annual Austin Pride event. This year, Austin Independent School District offered a free shuttle service to students, staff and their families and encouraged students to dress up in “pride costumes,” The Blaze reported.

The festival portion of the event is set to begin at 11:00 a.m., and the parade will begin at 8:00 p.m.  As listed on the Austin Independent School District’s website, a free shuttle will depart at 6:30 p.m.

“Staff, students and their families are invited to represent Austin ISD in the annual Austin Pride Parade," the event noted. "We are #AISDproud to celebrate our LGBTQIA+ students, staff and families and to highlight our commitment to creating a safe, supportive and inclusive environment for all." 

The website also said that “pride costumes and rainbow colors are encouraged” and that there’d even be free t-shirts to represent the district and pride. How sweet. 

As noted by TheBlaze, “A video of last year's parade indicates that such 'costumes' are the norm. At about the 1:18:45 mark of the video, a float appears carrying a drag queen in a transgender flag dress and several men wearing what appears to be black bondage gear.”

According to the Austin Pride website, the 31st annual festival is open to all ages and even lets kids ages six and under in for free. It expects to have over 400,000 attendees and was firm when describing the “need” for an event like this. 

“From attacks on our Drag community to the fight for trans rights…sometimes it feels that our community is getting pushed from all sides," the website stated. "When that happens, WE STAND OUR GROUND! And no matter what, one thing is for certain. We will KEEP AUSTIN QUEER’D." 

Really? “Keep Austin Queer’d???" CRINGE!

On the main event webpage, young kids are invited to come for free, but according to the school district’s website, kids who are middle school age and under must be accompanied by an adult, at least for the shuttle. 

We did email to ask a few clarifying questions, but, to no surprise, the school district served radio silence.

Maybe it was the that threw them off?

In response to the news of the shuttle service for this year’s event, Twitter users protested. 

The Texas Family Project, a group who aims to protect and advocate for family units asked a number of questions in a tweet: “What about this gives students an academic advantage? What does this have to do with literacy? Will this pride parade be like those in June with grown naked men prancing in front of children? How many tax dollars are going to this while families in Austin struggle to get by?”

In a subsequent tweet the group said, “The sexualization of kids shouldn't be tolerated ANYWHERE, especially not in our schools.” 

One user commented, “What in the actual heck is going on here with our children and our tax dollars? You shouldn’t be discussing sexuality at all to children much less transporting them to some alphabet event with tax dollars.”

Another insisted, “Please quit spending money that could go to teacher salaries and training and supplies on this. It has nothing to do with educating our kids. Tax revenues are NOT your personal party fund for celebrating things most of us are tired of already."

And one more said, “Your district should lose funding for wasting money on crap like this.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself. This is a giant wad of crap and is just another push to indoctrinate and brainwash impressionable and innocent kids.