Beheaded Chicken & Mutilated Lamb Left Outside Orlando Pro-Life Center

May 12th, 2023 12:38 PM

Almost one year after Roe v. Wade was overturned, the psychotic pro-aborts are still violently attacking pregnancy centers. On Wednesday, vandals left behind a beheaded chicken, a bird and a mutilated lamb at a Florida pregnancy center. One center director called it a “ritualistic attack.”

Pardon my french but what the f**k?

JMJ Pregnancy Center in Orlando, Fla. was attacked during 3:30 and 5:00 PM. according to Fox News Digital. Images of the attack depicted a decapitated chicken, a lamb and what looked like a pheasant. 

Where’s PETA when we need them?

The center's executive director Bob Perron told Fox News Digital, “We see this as a direct attack on our services and mission, as well as those seeking care at our facility and those providing that care. And why? We suspect it is because we do not support or refer for abortions, which we know hurts women and their families."

What a disturbing way to show that you disagree with someone. 

For a group of leftists who often market themselves as the “party of tolerance,” this act of violence really doesn’t scream anything except 'we’re nuts.'

Perron also mentioned how hypocritical pro-choicers are.

“Why are supposed supporters of all women’s choices directly targeting a center whose only purpose is to help women struggling with difficult decisions — and do it for free no less," he said.

The JMJ Pregnancy center aims to help women and families who are dealing with unplanned pregnancies with their faith-based approach and free services. It really serves a great purpose, yet violent attackers can only visualize a reality where abortions are as popular as breathing air. 

“Why are centers who help women, many of them low-income and minority, not being protected against pro-abortion extremists,” Perron asked. 

He’s totally right. Amid the rise of anti-life protests in the last year and a half surrounding Roe’s potential and then finalized overturning, the FBI and DOJ have shown unprecedented bias against pro-life groups. Whether it’s their ample arrests of pro-lifers for simply being pro-life or their lack of justice for violent attacks against pro-life centers and churches, it’s clear what side of the isle these entities are on. 

Supposedly, it took the Orlando Police Department nearly two and a half hours to respond to Perron’s call about the attack after he saw the attacker wandering around the front of the clinic for 45 minutes via the clinic’s doorbell camera. 

It’s disgusting what pro-aborts will do to push this idea that pro-lifers are the antagonists in the abortion debate, and its even worse than it appears our current administration couldn’t give a rat’s behind about it.