Another Star Leaves Godless Entertainment Biz To Better Pursue Christ

April 12th, 2023 12:46 PM

Country Star Granger Smith announced that he’d be taking his Farewell Tour this summer after 24 years of touring. Smith is leaving the industry to pursue ministry since the entertainment industry is chock full of Christ-ignoring behavior. 

Smith posted a video on his Instagram Tuesday talking about his decision to leave the industry and pursue God. He wants to pour love into his family and his local church while pursuing his masters from Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He mentioned Mark 8:34 that talks about denying yourself, taking up His cross and following Christ. That’s his motive for this announcement. 


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Smith's decision isn't surprising -- the business is no place for the God-fearing. From Nashville to Hollywood, the entertainment industry eschews Christian values.

In fact, Christians are frequently the villains of TV shows. Take “The Last Of Us,” where a preacher turned out to be a cannibalistic pedophile, or an episode of NBC’s “Quantum Leap” where a Christian doctor character quoted the Bible while conducting a sinister act, or where the Lord is referred to as “kind of a dick.”

In the meantime, the industry allows and promotes satanic performances like that of Sam Smith at the Grammys

Granger Smith isn’t the first Hollywood celebrity to notice this and get out of the industry. Former Spy Kids star Alexa PenaVega left the industry to spend time with family and is now leaning into her Christian and pro-life values. Mark Wahlberg left Tinseltown to be with family and pursue Christ elsewhere. Kirk Cameron was a young actor and now dedicates his life to crafting Christian literature. And of course Candace Cameron Bure stopped working with Hallmark to pursue a career that better respected and valued her Christian beliefs. 

It’s a tough thing to have Christian values in a culture that so roundly rejects them and you for it. No matter. Our hearts belong to the Lord, not industries like these.