9-Year-Old ‘Trans’ Kid Claims ‘I Was Never A Boy’

March 31st, 2023 2:31 PM

“I’ve known I was a girl so long that I don’t remember life as a boy.”

Well kid, you have your whole life ahead of you to blame your parents for that.

9-year-old Sunny Bryant gave a speech at the Texas State Capitol building this week protesting a TX bill that would prohibit kids from permanently damaging their bodies. 

Senate Bill 14 would ban physicians from providing puberty blockers, hormone therapy or surgeries for children. These acts of, what the left calls “gender-affirming care,” are extremely dangerous for anyone, especially children who haven’t fully developed yet. The ban would save many children from life-altering damage. Yet activists and even some kids like Sunny disagree. 

At the start, the moderator asked “you are against the bill?” The child had to look to his mother to verify his answer before turning back to the mic. Clearly this child was confused. 

In his speech, likely written by his mother, the child explained how he was “always a girl.”

“Why do you spend so much time thinking about whether I’m really a girl? Why do you think you know me better than I know myself? I’ve been me my whole life. I’ve known I was a girl so long that I don’t remember life as a boy. Probably because I was never a boy,” the child said. 

Hon, if you were “never a boy” you wouldn’t be standing up trying to convince people that you’re a girl. 

The child claimed that he needed what the senate was “trying to make illegal” to be the “girl I am.”

Hearts should break for this kid. As his mother stood next to him, coaching him on the speech she wrote, he stood and presented lie after lie. He’s not to blame though. His parents and whoever else helped feed a delusion are at fault. Let the child be a child and worry about Christmas presents or who’s going to be “it” first in tag or who can hold their breath longest in the pool. A child shouldn’t be worrying about things like this because they shouldn’t be involved in things like this. 

Any child, especially a nine-year-old, that thinks he or she is “transgender” is a victim of child abuse. Period. 

“If you take it away, I’ll start to look like a boy and I’m not a boy and that scares me,” the child continued, adding that barring “gender-affirming care” is the state deciding whether Sunny gets “to be happy” or not. 

This poor kid is so confused. Immediately after concluding his speech by saying he’d have to leave Texas to seek “care” elsewhere if the bill is passed, the child looked to his mother with a “did I do a good job?” type look. 

Unfortunately, this isn't even the first time little Sunny spoke trying to defend his transgender identity. In October of 2021 he stood before TX lawmakers claiming they were “attacking” him with their proposed bill that would ban transgender athletes from playing in sports that didn’t match their actual gender. 

I genuinely feel bad for this kid. Not because he thinks he should get a surgery to cut off his genitals or to get puberty blockers. Because adults are feeding him a delusion and using him as a political weapon. 

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