Maren Morris Tells Tenn. ‘F**king Arrest Me' After Exposing Her Toddler To Drag

March 22nd, 2023 3:12 PM

The tolerant left, ladies and gents. 

Country singer Maren Morris performed during the four-hour “Love Rising'' benefit concert on Monday in Nashville alongside other LGBTQ+ supporting artists to protest recent legislation aimed to prevent drag queens from performing in front of children. Morris announced she’d brought her toddler to see drag and told Tennessee to “f**king arrest” her. 

She IS the drama.

Variety reported the incident, but that outlet seemed to have loved the pro-drag queen rhetoric. No surprises there. 

Morris, Haley Williams, Yola, Sheryl Crow, Jason Isbell and Irishman Hozier joined together at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena to raise money and "protest recent state legislation aimed at cross-dressing performers, trans youth and same-sex marriage,” as Variety put it. 

In reality, the newly enacted Tennessee law bans drag queens from exposing children to hypersexualized and provocative performances by men dressed in leotards and fishnets. Republican Governor Bill Lee also signed legislation banning harmful chemical and surgical treatments for kids with gender dysphoria, and Tennessee became the first state to pass legislation that banned drag shows on public property or near schools.None of this seems like an unreasonable ask - but Hollywood, like much of the left, thinks pro-drag and pro-trans propaganda should be forced into every facet of our lives. 

At the event, when it was Morris’ time to perform, she explained how pro-drag she really is. 

I brought my son here earlier today for soundcheck, and he’s turning 3 this week, and we got to go in the room where all the queens were getting ready and doing their makeup. And he freaked out when he went in there because it’s just magic what drag queens do. There’s wigs everywhere, and the smell of hairspray and wig glue; there’s glitter; everyone’s in a good mood. It’s just like a room of love. And we went back to my dressing room and my son is like, ‘I need the queens!’ I’m like, uh, you’re looking at her?

Poor kid. 

To add a little more punch, Morris exclaimed “Yes … I introduced my son to some drag queens today, so Tennessee, f**king arrest me.”

Maren and the rest of her pro-woke posse need to stick to the singing. They're barely good at that, but they're worse at trying to advocate for something so clearly and evidently disturbing.