Children In TX School Told To Pose As 'Seductive Hookers' For Class Game

March 20th, 2023 5:23 PM

A Texas mother who is a self-described former “woke” liberal got some sense knocked into her and decided that the woke mob wasn’t so fool-proof after all.

Laura Maria Gruber said she recently removed her 13-year-old from a San Antonio school after finding out the child had been asked to play the role of a “seducing hooker” in her middle-school class. 

Honestly, based on the standards the public school system is setting these days, this news is far from surprising. 

The game was called “Bear-Hooker-Hunter,” according to Daily Mail, and is essentially an adult version of rock-paper-scissors. The young teens were reportedly told to strike poses at the front of their classroom and pretend they were a “hunter” with an imaginary gun, a “bear” with hands in a paw-like formation, or a “seducing hooker” with one of the child’s hands on his or her hip and the other hand behind the ear. When played against the hunter, the hooker character "seduces" him and wins.

While Gruber's daughter refused to participate, other students were allegedly bribed with candy into playing the game.

According to Fox News, Gruber alleged that the school normalized prostitution and sexual violence to the students during the alleged “team-building activity.” She also pointed out that this game involving kids pointing imaginary guns at each other happened just three months after the Ulvade mass shooting. 

Here’s what the mother told Fox News:

I was a woke committed liberal until this game and school came into my life… seeing how KIPP exploited Latino children, and then how all the progressive politicians and organizations I sought support from didn’t give this issue a time of day…that really gave me an aha moment as to who's really doing the work needed to stop the sexualization of kids.

The school did admit the game occurred, but four different levels of school administration “denied the game sexualized kids.” Said officials claimed the game was out of the school’s predetermined curriculum but that they had “no proof” that it was inappropriate, either “intentionally or unintentionally.”

I feel like having a kid present as a hooker is pretty sexualizing in and of itself, but good try. 

In the end, the school did eventually apologize and claimed the game did not meet its “bar of excellence.”

“While we always chase excellence as a core value, sometimes we stumble,” the principal wrote in a letter to parents.

Yeah, obviously.

The KIPP (Knowledge Is Power Program) that the school is a part of is supposedly known for its progressive stance on education and its "focus on teaching black, Latino, and LGBTQIA children." But this incident really opened Mrs. Gruber’s eyes to just what that means, and she hopes it does the same for other parents in the area.

"I think [schools are] the ground zero for grooming," Gruber said. "They just have zero boundaries."