‘Real Housewives’ Star Celebrates ‘Trans’ 12-Year-Old ‘Son’

March 6th, 2023 12:17 PM

Two words that should never appear in the same sentence but so often do these days:  “trans” and “kids.”

“Real Housewives” star Heather Dubrow posted on Instagram for International Son’s day in honor of her “son” who was once her daughter. As a result, numerous blue checks praised the “inclusivity” and “celebration” of the child's deep confusion. 

Dubrow posted a photo of the beach with the word “ACE,” her “son’s” name, etched into the sand for International Son’s Day on March 4th. 

Here’s what her caption said:

It’s International sons day! We love you, our youngest son, Ace ❤️ Our job as parents is to give our kids a safe and supportive environment so they can grow up as healthy, happy, confident, independent humans. Since Ace is a 12 year old child, with a long life ahead of him - we will let him tell his own story someday if he chooses to do so. All we can say is Ace, we love you so much and we are proud to be your parents. Your brother and sisters love and support you too ❤️

Unironically, most trans kids don’t grow up healthy, happy, confident or independent like Dubrow said. Many of them deal with the life-long side effects of the mutilation they had done. Most can’t have kids naturally, can’t breastfeed, deal with depression and even thoughts of suicide. Last year, 82% of trans-identifying people considered suicide. 

In Dubrow’s attempt to validate her child’s confusion and show that she loves her, she’s pushing her biological daughter towards a difficult, possibly life-threatening future. 

Regardless, other Instagram users praised Dubrow’s choice. 

“Acing the mom thing,” famous fitness model and gay guy Lance Bass said. Another “Real Housewives” star said,  “Love you and your whole family! You’re #momgoals always have been and continue to be!!!” And another TV personality said, “Yay Ace! Here’s to celebrating your authentic self and living out loud!”

Is anyone gonna tell them that Ace’s “authentic self” is being the girl that she actually is?

As Breitbart reported, Dubrow has three other kids. Two of which have mentioned that they’re part of the “LGBTQIA2S+ community.” One is bisexual and the other texted her family group chat “By the way, I’m a lesbian.” 

So that's a healthy environment. The thing is, if you’re an adult and you want to make dumb choices like these, feel free. But the fact is that its become a “trend” to identify as something in the alphabet mafia and now, Dubrow’s on track for her whole family to be part of it. It’s become "popular" to be gay or trans or bi or whatever the heck and being straight makes you an anomaly. Celebrities -- especially "reality" celebs -- live their lives trying to grab attention. Unfortunately, as Dubrow’s case proves, it impacts everyone around them.