Madonna Licks Dog Bowl And Gets Sexy With Condiments For Social Media Video

November 14th, 2022 12:14 PM

A few weeks ago Madonna told everyone she was into licking the kitty, now she's onto licking other things.

In a disturbing Instagram post, Madonna was recorded slurping water out of none other than a dog bowl. Of course, that’s after she straddled a hot sauce bottle and nearly poked her hoo-ha with it. 

I swear to God, and I don’t do that much, but someone needs to take Madonna’s social media presence away from her.

She slapped various photos together where she held condiment bottles like mustard and hot sauce in a sexual manner and then placed the song “I Wanna Be Your Dog” over the whole thing.

Madonna uploaded the video Wednesday but the images of the clip are permanently seared into my brain along with the 1.5 million people who also saw the video. What’s worse - is that close to 85 thousand people LIKED it! 

When is Jesus coming back already!?

Here’s the link, again, viewer discretion is advised. 


A post shared by Madonna (@madonna)

Good little puppy??

Madonna is 64-years-old. Imagine her being your mother or grandmother. (jk please don’t).

Regardless of whether Madonna is a nut or not (she is) whoever is “in charge” of her needs to take away her posting capabilities. 

Speaking of her posts, a few weeks ago she tossed a pair of pink undies to tell the world that she’s gay (we think). In the video she sported hot pink hair, a cross necklace, and some sort of “shirt” that outlined her breasts. She also posted a video where a woman had her face in Madonnas crotch and the pair locked tongues. As for my personal favorite, Madonna used a phone filter to make herself look like a tomato and said “you’re just a dumb f**k” if you think a tomato is a vegetable. Really groundbreaking material. 

She certainly isn't busy recording hits these days.

Ultimately, the content that Madonna and celebrities alike are posting is truly insane but nonetheless never fails to entertain. 

If you need a recommendation for a therapist after watching that video, feel free to reach out.