'My P***y Good, P***y Sweet' Parents Expose Kids to Adult Drag Performance

October 19th, 2022 2:33 PM

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, I stand corrected.

Ebb & Flow restaurant in Plano Texas held a “Garden of Eden Drag Brunch” and featured a drag queen that danced to a song about his — er, her? — pussy. Dollar bills, smiling faces, clapping, and children made an appearance in video footage of the event. 

Blaze TV host, Sara Gonzales, God bless her, attended the drag brunch and witnessed the performance first hand. Thank you for your sacrifice Ms. Gonzales.



The character was lip syncing to a song called “Lady – Pussy” released back in 2012. Lyrics include but are not limited to:

My pussy good, pussy sweet. 

Pussy good enough to eat. 

Tight pussy, right pussy

F**k me all night pussy

Make you leave your wife pussy

Cause this what you like pussy

Slide down on ya pipe pussy

Ride ya like a bike pussy

It do whatever you ask it to, nice pussy

I think I need to go to church. 

The advertisement did indicate that the event “may not be appropriate for all ages” and left it up to the parents prerogative on whether to bring children. 

Even so, as the video shows, children were in attendance. The video featured a child that couldn’t have been much older than five years old staring directly at the drag queen’s performance.

On Tucker Carlson Tonight, Gonzales talked about the event and called it “child abuse” for parents to bring their kids to something of the sort and allow them to sit and watch something so sexual. 

“Parental rights does not apply to child abuse. This is clear child abuse. This is the sexual abuse of children which we used to, the left and the right, we used to be able to agree was a really really bad thing and we can’t do it, but the left has become so radicalized that they are trying to normalize this and excuse it.”

Gonzales said it's a way for the left to openly sexualizing children. After all, as we see in schools, in children's tv programming, through celebrities, children are great targets to start the indoctrination and exploitation process. 

“It’s a more sinister attempt by the left” Gonzales told Carlson. “They want this radical country. The only way that they can achieve that is through complete chaos and confusion. And what is the best way to confuse children? Confuse them about their sexuality, confuse them about their gender. Expose them to things that their little brains are not ready for yet.”

Gonzales is right. Regardless of how the TX restaurant advertised, it had no qualms allowing children in. If you bring your kids to something like this, you are a child abuser and should be treated as one. Our degenerate society is promoting and encouraging things like this and kids are in the direct line of fire.