Ye's Controversial Shirts Help Owens Point Out: 'No Lives Have Been Mattering'

October 11th, 2022 2:20 PM

Ye and Candice Owens are freakin’ savage.

Tucker Carlson’s part one interview with Ye went viral last week when Ye explained he was pro-life, pro-God and liked Trump. In part two of the interview, Ye dove further into his salvation and walk with Jesus and Carlson invited Daily Wire’s Candace Owens to speak on her and Ye’s matching “White Lives Matter” shirts. 

On Monday night’s segment, Carlson asked West about his choice to wear the “White Lives Matter” shirt and about his photo with Owens in her matching tee. 

Ye told Carlson:

The more and more I lean into God and work for God, the more wins God is gonna bestow on our team, on Jesus gang. And for me to just go out and just state an obvious and empathetic statement in the middle of the most liberal century, that was like Tiananmen Square. With Candace Owens. And we both wore the shirt at the same time. You know, we've got some Jesus soldiers out here. People say they're willing to die for it but we live for it. We are living for the battle and what's the battle for? Life itself. Our children. 

Legendary move on Ye and Owen’s part. The mere irony of two black people wearing “White Lives Matter” shirts to show that the BLM movement is in fact a scam, is awesome. 

Power moves only. 

Speaking of power moves, Carlson asked Owen’s to explain her take on the shirt and the media’s meltdown over it. 

Owens first noted that Ye called her up and invited her to join him at Paris Fashion week where he launched the shirts. 

I instantly understood what he was trying to do and what the artistic expression was. What it offered was a stunning commentary on the hypocrisy of the society that we live in. For years we were told that “Black Lives Matter” was not an exclusionary phrase. We were told that "It’s just what we’re saying, we’re not trying to leave white people out. We’re just saying it because this is a moment that Black Americans need to have in this country."

Owens is notorious for calling out the BLM movement for it’s corrupt and self-proclaimed Marxist ways. 

“Literally all lives matter and in fact, no lives have been mattering," Owens stated. 

In the interview she also pointed out the two “worst things you can be in this country.”

“First and foremost, a black child in the womb,” she said. She’s right, like Ye mentioned in the first part of the interview released last week, “50 percent of black death in America is abortion.” 

Owens said that the second worst thing someone could be in America is a “white, straight male.” Noting that it’s “too normal” so progressives attack it! “People are dying to say that they are anything but being white.”

Owens finally noted the impact that the “White Lives Matter” shirts had mentioning that white people at farmers markets were thanking her for “allowing us to have our voices back.”

“There’s a vicious narrative around that somehow black Americans are suffering from policing and therefore white lives can’t matter. They do, it’s obvious, Kanye was correct,” Owens concluded.

Mic freakin’ drop. 

If we only have one takeaway from the controversy surrounding Ye and Owen’s “White Lives Matter” t-shirts it's that our society is comprised of so many pansy’s who make a mountain out of a molehill when something doesn’t fit the leftist narrative. 

Now, Ye, about those anti-Semitic tweets ...