Nick Searcy Goes Off on Lefty COVID Measures

February 9th, 2021 3:08 PM

Actor and director Nick Searcy is no stranger to the blasphemy of the Twitter mob … but thankfully he's kept not only his ground but his account as well.

Most commonly known as Art Mullen in the TV series Justified, Searcy lamented the lack of fans at the NCAA game Feb 6, and noted that leftists “ruin everything.” He’s not wrong.

Searcy was set off by the Duke vs UNC basketball game, in which the stands were filled with cardboard cutouts of people. “Think of how these young athletes were cheated by not playing in a Duke v. UNC game in front of a packed house,” he tweeted.

He continued in a 13 tweet-long thread, saying the games have been canceled due to COVID -- or, as he put  it “this nonsensical political move by the Democrats to destroy [the athletes] hopes and dreams because they wanted to get Trump removed.” And then added “They don't care who they have to ruin to gain power. That is the nature of leftists.” 

Even after Biden took office the left still attempts to wreck “every vestige of individual achievement.” These players committed their life to this game with hopes to showcase their hard work and make their loved ones proud … but since the game didn’t “align with the STATE-approved opinion,” as Searcy put it, the authenticity of the game was ruined. 

It’s ironic that the stadium was completely empty (unless you count the cardboard cutouts or the referees) when the next day 25,000 people were able to gather for the Super Bowl. Or when over 1,000 live attendees joined for Biden’s inauguration. Even if each player brought one guest to the game, the stadium would only have 31 total guests across both teams. If they brought two, simple math would still only account for 62 guests. But, 62 attendees in a massive stadium is just too close for comfort.  The 99% survival rate just wasn’t safe enough for this specific event.

He went on saying “This is the country you live in now. ‘Think what we demand or be crushed.’ Enjoy what you have achieved, leftists. You have destroyed the American dream, which boils down to self-determination. By installing @joebiden, you ‘liberals’ are the most illiberal people that have” and continued in another tweet “ever lived.  You have turned the only country in human history based on the individual into a totalitarian state based on the tyranny of the collective. Enjoy the collapse.”

Searcy affirmed his solid stance. 


Good for Searcy for speaking his mind. While he still can.