Round Two: J.K. Rowling Gets Backlash on Harry Potter TV Series … Again!

January 28th, 2021 3:55 PM

Holding a grudge is one area the left thrives. This week’s “peaceful” protest includes attacks at J.K. Rowling yet again. 

On June 25th the internet buzzed with rumors of a new Harry Potter TV series being developed for HBO Max. Since Rowling is a 'Transphobic A**hole:', woke millennials quickly decried the idea. Writing on NBC’s hard left website Think, culture critic Ani Bundel says the Harry Potter series should be “taken off the shelf.” The pro-LGB liberal author just isn’t progressive (aka left) enough. She’s been canceled.

Warner Bros. and HBO Max wisely denied the rumors, if only to quiet the shrieking of the perpetually outraged. Rowling is irredeemable, and has been since she sought to clarify her opinions on Transgenderism in an open letter last June. 

According to Bundel:

For a woman who made billions using the written word, it was a shockingly unreadable piece, full of pseudoscientific nonsense to dress up undeniable bigotry. It was also a pivot sure to shock her audience. The "Harry Potter" series was beloved by readers because it preached messages of tolerance and inclusivity. The evil Voldemort and his followers are characterized as believing in wizarding purity, an unsubtle stand-in for eugenics. And yet, here was the woman credited with turning a whole generation of readers into progressives, suddenly, and loudly, declaring that intolerance was sometimes acceptable.

Bundle and ex-fans of Rowling think this series seems “deeply wrongheaded.” The Harry Potter fandom continues to speak out on twitter.

  • Podcast “Food 4 Thot Pod” encouraged jabs at Rowling, writing “good morning today is a beautiful day to cyberbully jk rowling.” Another bored social justice warrior. 
  • Literary Hub merely observed “Being ‘canceled’ seems to be working out pretty well for JK Rowling.”
  • Producer and creator of Roswell, New Mexico Carina Adly Mackenzie voiced her displeasure. “There was a time when I would have been elated, but please stop paying JK Rowling money. She uses her money to hurt the most vulnerable people in our society.” 
  • Film Critic Chris Evangelista lived up to his title when tweeting “Thank god someone found a way to give JK Rowling even more money, phew” 
  • “They/Them” Ellie M. who is “Not a girl” unloaded on the idea with a five tweet-long thread condemning both the series and Rowling herself. “JK Rowling will profit from any and all new Harry Potter-related media. If you spend money consuming that media, you are giving JK Rowling money. That's it. That's the tweet.” and “they” closed the case with “I don't want a transphobe to make money at all.” 

It’s entertaining to see the left keep up their theatrics, even when it’s against one of their own. Bundle adds, “While some believe they can love the Wizarding World while rejecting the author, the damage to the franchise has been done. The backlash from former fans this week suggests that the appetite may not be there.” Olympic level hate is common for anyone that has slightly nuanced views. 

Canceling them is the easy route to feeling virtuous. Just look at these nearly 600 publishers that cancel any affiliation with the right. #CancelCulture is spreading as fast as COVID.