Film Critic Called GOP Convention the ‘World’s Largest Lynch Mob’

July 20th, 2016 10:27 AM

In a biting review of Tuesday night’s GOP speeches, film critic Frank Scheck called the convention a “hatefest” and the “world’s largest lynch mob.”

The article, written for The Hollywood Reporter, spared no insult in individually ridiculing Republicans. Scheck’s snobby, smarter-than-thou takes ended up caricaturing him as a typical effete coastal elitist. So maybe the GOP got something right on Tuesday. 

Scheck mocked Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, saying her introduction as a “Christian, pro-life, gun-carrying Arkansas woman” qualified her for the “least appealing online dating profile ever.”

After describing NRA lobbyist Chris Cox’s story of a mother facing an armed intruder, Scheck wrote: “It makes you wonder if the leaders of the group … lull their children to sleep by reading aloud to them from In Cold Blood.

Referring to the ten freshman senators who contributed to the GOP Senate takeover in 2014, Scheck cackled that they “seemed to be auditioning for a national tour as the least hip singing group ever.” The cool kid mocking the uptight squares? So clever! So original!

Obviously, THR’s Chief Creative Officer and President Janice Min was amused by Scheck’s wording as she tweeted the article out to her followers:

Min’s loyalties are not difficult to unearth. In a July 20 tweet, she wrote about THR’s cover story:

Yep, folks, she used the word “decent” to describe Stephen Colbert. The same Colbert who used a swastika to describe Trump’s ideology. The same Colbert who joked that GOP candidates were “radicalized by ISIS.” The same Colbert whose Colbert Report was completely focused on deriding conservatives. Of course, that show would never be called a “hatefest,” because hating on conservatives is just late night comedy.

So bad news for the GOP: you have a lot of work to do it you want to lock up the morally stunted perpetual-teenager demographic.

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